Tasikmalaya Youth’s Sympathy for Palestine

Tasikmalaya Youth’s Sympathy for Palestine

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - ACT Tasikmalaya was entrusted by the Ikatan Remaja Masjid (Irema) Al-Hikmah, Sambongjaya, Tasikmalaya, to distribute their aid for Palestine. Israel’s aggression and attack to Gaza at the beginning of Ramadan has motivated Irema Al-Hikmah to aid Palestine.

The Fundraising for Palestine was routinely conducted by Irema Al-Hikmah every week on Sunday. The fundraising was held in Car Free Day area in the city, on the city square, and near The Grand Mosque of Tasikmalaya.

Irema Al-Hikmah handed over their fundraising proceedings in the amount of IDR 2 Million, to ACT Tasikmalaya on Thursday (5/9). They gathered the fund after conducting the fundraising for three times.

For Irema Al-Hikmah, helping the Palestinians is an obligation for the Muslims. As mentioned by Jepiansyah, the coordinator and orator in the fundraising, “Helping fellow human beings, including Palestinians, is our duty, especially when it is related with Allah’s religion,” said Jepiansyah.

When the majority of Muslims welcome Ramadan with Joy, the Palestinians had to welcome Ramadan in the exact opposite, especially in Gaza. The sympathy was also felt by Irema Al-Hikmah. According to Jepriansyah, helping others is not limited by place and time. “Maybe, we can struggle with our energy, not like them, who has to sacrifice their blood to defend Allah’s religion in Palestine,” said Jepiansyah. []