Tati and Yayat, Two Elderly Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Tati (70) and Yayat (70) have been selling tutug oncom in Tasikmalaya for 30 years. However, these past two years have become the greatest struggle for their business as their income has been drastically decreased due to the pandemic.

Buying Up MSME merchandise.
A Tasikmalaya resident receives a portion of Tati’s and Yayat’s nasi tutug oncom which has been bought up by ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) met another inspirational breadwinners at Jalan Dr. Soekardjo, Tasikmalaya. They were Tati (70) and her husband Yayat (70). At their old age, the couple still actively make a living by selling nasi tutug oncom (pulverized fermented beans cake rice). They have been selling with their simple cart for the past 30 years.

Tati and Yayat have to keep selling at their old age to support their two grandchildren who are currently studying at an Islamic boarding school.

Tati and Yayat used to sell out their merchandise. However, these past two years since the pandemic, their merchandise has never been sold out due to delining buyers. As a result, their income also has been drastically dropped.

"Instead of being wasted, it's better to distribute the unsold merchandise to the neighbors," said Tati when asked if she can’t sell out the entire merchandise. Although the pandemic has caused their turnover to drop drastically, Tati and Yayat do not give up. They continue to sell and make ends meet.

To ease Tati and Yayat struggle, at the end of August, ACT bought up their nasi tutug oncom through Buying Up MSME Merchandise action. Tati was very shocked knowing that her merchandise was bought up by ACT. The couple was even happier knowing that their bought up meals would be distributed for free to other people in need.

“Thank you so much. Alhamdulillah,  today, our merchandise can be sold out earlier. May Allah reward all of you with better sustenance” prayed Tati for the benefactors.[]