TCL Indonesia and ACT Share Kindness Amid Pandemic

PT Yongwang Electronics Indonesia (TCL Indonesia) chose to collaborate with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to support people affected by the pandemic. Through this collaboration, TCL Indonesia and ACT distribute hundreds of free food packages to people in need.

Handover of the aid from TCL Indonesia to ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA- The COVID-19 spread in Indonesia is still worrisome. However, the spirit of sharing and optimism continues to grow despite difficulties. Many parties, from individuals to corporations, have contributed in alleviating COVID-19 and its severe impacts in accordance with their respective capacities. Among the corporations that take part in alleviating COVID-19 is PT Yongwang Electronics Indonesia (TCL Indonesia), a Smart-Product manufacturer and a global internet service provider.

Collaborating with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), an Indonesian humanitarian NGO, the spirit of philanthropy was shown through the distribution of 300 staple food packages to the needy through ACT’s Free Food Operation program.  ACT Bogor Branch Manager Catur Widodo expressed his appreciation and happiness for the synergy between the two parties.

“We hope that the donation campaign mechanism that has been established can improve TCL’s image as a company that cares about the condition of their surroundings and contributes to the betterment of this nation. We hope to be able to collaborate with them in our future humanitarian programs. I appreciate TCL’s unique campaign by allotting IDR 50,000 for each unit of television sold from May 27 to 29. I also hope that this collaboration will become a long-term one,” said Catur.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected society economically. Many have lost their jobs and sources of income. Seeing this, TCL aims to support the society by initiating humanitarian programs with the support of ACT who has been actively supporting the needy through its various aid distribution programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from distributing staple food packages through the Free Food Operation, ACT also assists the needy by empowering local micro-business owners.     

After two months of communication, the collaboration between ACT and TCL was manifested in the form of Free Food Operation, a food distribution program that aims to support those who are still in dire need of assistance.

TCL Indonesia Sales and Marketing Director, Peter Chen expressed his trust for ACT. “We see that ACT is a professional humanitarian organization that actively assists [communities affected by] COVID-19 through the various existing program. This is in line with our willingness to donate to those who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe ACT can plan and target the donation with which TCL has trusted them to the right segment of the society,” he said.

During the pandemic, many have lost their jobs and income. “In this situation, TCL’s business has also been affected. However, thanks to our loyal customers that have been supporting us, we were able to contribute to the Indonesian society. We donated the proceeds of our sales last month to help everyone in need. Let us get through this difficult situation together,” added Peter.

This is the first collaboration between TCL and ACT. Hopefully, TCL and ACT can work together in long-term collaborations to help many Indonesians. This collaboration is also expected to inspire others to help the needy. “TCL hopes that the donation that we gave can help more people and inspire others to donate through ACT,” Peter concluded. []