Teachers' Allowance, a Form of Assistance for Underprivileged Teachers in Central Sulawesi.

Through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia (SGI) initiated by Global Zakat - ACT, 39 teachers across Sigi, Toli-Toli, Parigi Moutong, Donggala Regencies as well as Palu City received allowance.

Teachers' Allowance, a Form of Assistance for Underprivileged Teachers in Central Sulawesi.' photo
Mustafa from Global Zakat - ACT program team (right) handing over the allowance to Wulan (left), a teacher from SMAN 3 Model Sigi, Thursday (12/5).

ACTNews, PALU - Global Zakat-ACT visited a number of underprivileged teachers in remote areas of the country, including teachers in Central Sulawesi.

Based on the results of the assessments in a number of areas in Central Sulawesi, there are still many teachers who live in difficult economic conditions, especially honorary teachers in remote areas.

Through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia (SGI) program initiated by Global Zakat-ACT, 39 teachers in Central Sulawesi received IDR 500,000 financial allowance for the honorary teachers in Sigi, Tolitoli, Donggala, Parigi Moutong Regencies, and Palu City.

Previously, the allowances have been distributed in Tolitoli, Donggala, and Palu. Recently, the teachers in Sigi Regency received allowance on Thursday (12/5). Located in Model 3 High School Sigi, Global Zakat-ACT Central Sulawesi provided allowance to three honorary teachers.

One of the beneficiaries was Sri Wulan. She admitted that she was greatly helped by the assistance. According to Sri, the allowance can increase the enthusiasm of the teachers with limited economic conditions.

"I feel greatly assisted. I will use this assistance the best I can for the sake of education, "Sri said.

Mustafa from the Global Zakat-ACT Program Team in Central Sulawesi said, teachers who received religious assistance were selected based on assessment results and economic conditions. Based on the team’s assessment, there are still many honorary teachers who live in poverty in remote areas of Central Sulawesi.

"This assistance is expected to ease the burden of honorary teachers and to raise their spirit to teach the younger generation," explained Mustafa.

Until now, Global Zakat-ACT continues to strive to distribute allowance to economically disadvantaged teachers, especially those living in remote areas. The program, which was launched on November 25, 2019, is a form of Global Zakat-ACT’s appreciation for teachers in various parts of the country who have devoted themselves to education despite their low salaries. []