Teachers in Bone Grateful for the Allowance from Sahabat Guru Indonesia

The distribution of teachers' allowance continues. This time, it reached the teachers in the hinterland of Bone.

Teachers in Bone Grateful for the Allowance from Sahabat Guru Indonesia' photo
Teachers from MTs Nurul Falah in Bone. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BONE – Sahabat Guru Indonesia program from Global Zakat-ACT continues to provide teachers’ allowance in various parts of the country. On Sunday (12/1), ten teachers from Nurul Falah Junior High School in Laburasseng Village, Libureng Subdistrict, Bone Regency received allowance from the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program.

In this school that was established in 2012, there are currently ten teachers. On average, they earn IDR 160,000 – 480,000 each month. Compared to the prices of the basic needs, their salary is quite low. "The teachers are generally honorary. They are paid IDR 5,000 per hour," said Arisal, Principal of Nurul Falah Islamic Junior High School, Sunday (12/1).

Anita, one of the teachers, stated that the allowance given by the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program was sufficient to support the financial needs of teachers, especially those who are underpaid or paid irregularly. "Thank you for this assistance. Hopefully, it will encourage us to continue to improve education in our area," Anita said.

Sahabat Guru Indonesia was launched on November 25, 2019. The program is Global Zakat-ACT’s appreciation for teachers in various parts of the country who have devoted themselves to education despite receiving low salaries.

MTs Nurul Falah is one of the schools located in the hinterland of Bone. From Makassar, it takes five hours to get there. This school does not have facilities like schools in big cities. Nurul Falah Junior High School only consists of three classrooms that are not quite adequate. Each room separated by plywood boards, and the walls are made of zinc sheets. It is far from comfortable. This school was built out of their yearning to have s junior high school in their locality. []