Teachers in Remote Areas of Tasikmalaya Receive Allowance

Their salaries are often not enough to fulfill the needs of their families, forcing them to get a side job after teaching.

Teachers in Remote Areas of Tasikmalaya Receive Allowance' photo
One of the teachers in Tasikmalaya who received teachers' allowance. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Her name was Siti Waliah (39), an honorary teacher at Madrasah Diniyah Takmiliyah Awaliyah (MDTA) As-Sututyah in Indrajaya Village, Sukaratu Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya Regency. As a teacher, Siti receives IDR 500,000 per month. She has been an honorary teacher for 13 years. Despite the small salary, Siti is still grateful and enjoys her work.

To meet her daily needs, besides being a teacher, Siti also works as a tailor. Her husband is also an honorary teacher, and construction worker.

Global Zakat-Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) visited Siti on Monday (12/2) to hand over allowance from the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program initiated by Global Zakat - ACT.

Global Zakat - ACT Program Team Fauzi said, since the launching of the Sahabat Guru Indonesia, there have been seven teachers within ACT Tasikmalaya’s working area who received financial allowance. The recipients are those who do not receive regular salary and are underpaid. “Sahabat Guru Indonesia Program is a form of Global Zakat appreciation for teachers who have dedicated themselves to education," explained Fauzi.

Besides Siti, there were still a number of other teachers who were given teachers’ allowance from Global Zakat. One of them was Koko (60), who has been an honorary teacher for 43 years. His salary as a teacher is very small, unable to fulfill the needs of his family. Therefore, after teaching, he works as a farm laborer.

Siti and Koko are two of the thousands of honorary teachers in Indonesia that receive low salaries. The Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture Supriano stated in October 2019 that, at the end of 2017, there are 735,825 honorary teachers in Indonesia. In December 2018, there was an increase of up to 41 thousand people. Among these honorary teachers are those teaching in various parts of the country and receive low salary that they get every three to six months. []