Teguh Works as A Porter and Quran Teacher in Bekasi

Teguh's income, as a daily worker, is small. However, it does not make Teguh to ask for payment from the children who learn the Quran. He is enthusiastic about managing the Quran learning center that he founded with the money he earns. For him, this is worship, and Allah will repay.

Teguh teaches the children the Quran. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI Aksi Cepat Tanggap and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Bekasi City provided financial assistance for Quran teachers in Bekasi, Saturday (7/31/2021). Ustaz Teguh Pritanto (36), a Quran teacher in Bintara, West Bekasi, Bekasi City, receives the assistance. Ustaz Teguh has to bear the operational costs of his Quran learning center (TPQ) using the income he gets as a casual worker.

Ustaz Teguh’s economic conditions are getting worse due to the Covid-19 pandemic and emergency PPKM. His salary is uncertain and is paid irregularly. Several times, he did not get his money.

As the caretaker of Al-Ikhlas Quran Learning Center (TPA), Setu Hamlet, Bintara Village, West Bekasi District, Teguh admitted that he does not charge education fees to students who study. His TPA operations are sourced from the funds he seeks through side jobs.

"Many parents ask me about how much is the monthly fee? It is for free. I do not ask for money as long as the children want to recite the Quran. Insha Allah, I believe Allah will provide another sustenance. We must believe, trust, and tawadhu (humble),” said Teguh, Saturday (7/31/2021).

TPA Al-Ikhlas has been established for two years and is located in a scavenger village. However, he has lived in the area since 2007. To fulfill his daily needs and provide for his family, he does various jobs as a casual worker.

“I work odd jobs such as a trash porter. I get paid IDR 20,000 per one-way drive collecting trash. I used to be a porter carrying eggshells or firewood. I got paid IDR 15 to 20 thousand a day. I also work as a construction worker helping people here to build a bedeng (temporary house),” he said.

ACT-MRI Bekasi City team delivered financial assistance through Friend of Muslim Preacher program of Global Zakat-ACT. Global Zakat team also distributes food package assistance.

"Alhamdulillah, thank you, ACT and Global Zakat. Insha Allah, this assistance will be used for family needs and build an ablution place here (TPA Al-Ikhlas). Previously, children had to go to residents' houses to perform ablution before learning the Quran and praying,” said Teguh. Teguh also reminded us to be grateful for whatever blessings Allah has given.

ACT Bekasi Program Team Ihsan expressed his appreciation to the people who have paid their zakat through Global Zakat–ACT. He hopes that this assistance can be useful not only for Teguh but also for other Quran teachers in Bekasi.

"Therefore, to expand the benefits, we also want to invite the public to support Friend of Muslim Preacher program through Global Zakat-ACT Bekasi. People can donate directly at Bekasi.indonesiadermawan.id/SahabatGuruIndonesia website," he said.[]