Tents of Syrian IDPs Collapse After Storm

The storm destroyed dozens of tents of Syrian IDPs in Idlib. The storm also left two IDP children injured.

refugee tents
Illustration. The storm damages the refugee tents. (MEE/Mohammad Aldaher)

ACTNews, IDLIB – IDPs outside their tents were seen in many refugee camps in Idlib, Syria, during a major storm in early December. When the windstorm came, they did not take shelter in their tents. The IDPs held their tents from the outside so the tents did not collapse due to the strong winds of the storm.

The strong wind swept over the tent, made of wood and tarpaulin, where they had lived for years, leaving the remaining part of it.

One of the damaged tents belonged to Basheer, an IDP living in the Sheikh Bahr region of Idlib. Based on photos circulating on social media, Basheer showed sadness on his face after a storm destroyed his tent. He hugged his grandson, who was crying after the storm hit.

Basheer hugs his grandson after a storm destroys his tent. (Doc. Ammar Alzeer)

This storm also injured two IDP children. The Syrian Civil Defense announced that the first injured child was in Armanaz, northern Idlib. Meanwhile, a second child was injured after a water tank fell in Marea, east of Aleppo.

The authorities warned that the areas affected may not be safe for habitation as the weather has damaged many structures. The bad weather is likely to increase with the onset of winter in the Middle East region.

Firdaus Guritno from ACT's Global Humanity Response team explains that 2.1 million Syrian internally displaced people live in some areas. Many also live in the rubble of buildings destroyed by the conflict. This winter will also be tense for them.

"Temperatures during winter in Syria can reach zero degrees Celsius. Increased snowfall will also exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, especially in northwest Syria, where more than a quarter of a million people in this region have been displaced," said Firdaus, Saturday (11/4/2021).[]