Thanksgiving Meal for the Qurbani in Lau Gedang

Residents of Lau Gedang Village, Dusun 11 Sembekan Dua, Suka Makmur Village, Kutalimbaru, Deli Serdang held a lively celebration for the qurbani that was delivered to their village on Sunday (8/7). A thanksgiving was even prepared to welcome victims who rarely came to the village of the fostered converts.

The residents eating dishes made from the qurbani meat given by the generous Indonesian donors. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, DELI SERDANG - As the water was boiling in a big pan, the cattle and goats had just been slaughtered in front of Nurul Yaqin mosque. The women were preparing the spices for the rendang and curry, and the men were busy chopping up the qurbani meat.

The locals were delighted by the qurbani sacrifice performed on Sunday (8/2). In Lau Gadang, qurbani sacrifice is not something that the locals can have regularly. Ulil Albab Habibullah Lubis (28), nicknamed Ustaz Habib by locals, said that, in previous years, there was almost no qurbani in this Muslim convert neighborhood.

"Last year, we still had qurbani sacrifice in 2019. But years before that, people rarely performed qurbani here in Lau Gedang because the number of Muslims at that time was small, only about 10 families in 2017. Alhamdulillah, now there are quite a lot of them, about 45 out of 70 families here,” explained Ustaz Habib.

Due to their longing fot qurbani, one of the locals was about to slaughter one of his goats so that they would at least be able to feel the happiness of Eid Al-Adha. Luckily, a generous benefactor from outside the village decided to provide one goat to be sacrificed.

The women in the village cooking the meat to be eaten together. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

"Last Eid Al-Adha, one of the locals who owned goats told me, ‘I really want to sacrifice my goat for three of my family members so that we can eat qurbani meat together this year.’ I had no idea what to say because, according to the sharia, one goat can only be sacrificed for one. I told him to sacrifice the goat for one person. Alhamdulillah, someone from outside the village donated one of his qurbani animals to this village, so there was qurbani slaughtering here last year,” said Ustaz Habib, laughing.

This year, the locals’ wish for a qurbani celebration came true thanks to the generous donors who have delivered their qurbani animals through Global Qurban – ACT. The people in the village have a tradition of holding a thanksgiving meal during religious holidays.

“Here, people often hold thanksgiving meals on religious holidays such as Eid and Christmas. As you can see, now they are busy cooking for the thanksgiving meal,” said Riki (30), one of the residents.

Even though Kampung Lau Gedang is inhabited by people of various faiths, they coexist peacefully in the neighborhood. During religious events, people who do not take part in the religious celebrations usually lend their helping hand.

"During religious holidays, Muslims and non-Muslims help one another even though we don’t participate in their religious events or vice versa. We lend our helping hands to one another. For example, our non-Muslim neighbors lend us these blue tarps for us to sit underneath although they don’t come here to our event,” said Riki.

Though the non-Muslim residents did not come, but qurbani meat packages were delivered to their houses because, in this small neighborhood, everyone lives in harmony. Among the non-Muslim recipients of the qurbani was Eva Sari Boru Ginting (31). Despite not celebrating Eid Al-Adha, she can still enjoy this year’s qurbani meat.

The qurbani meat being packaged before being distributed. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

"I would like to thank Global Qurban - ACT for distributing the qurbani in our village. May the donors be blessed. Hopefully, there will be another qurbani here again. Thank you very much," said Eva.

Sakti Wibowo from the Global Qurban – ACT North Sumatra Program Department also hoped that the benefactors can continue to pay attention to the residents of Lau Gedang Village. "The support from our generous donors is very much needed by Lau Gedang Village, both for their qurbani and for their other needs,” hoped Sakti.

After Zuhr, the fragrant smell of the dishes spread throughout the front yard of the mosque. The locals gathered around to savor the qurbani meat that had been cooked. Their dream for a qurbani celebration was fulfilled. []