The Awaited Adequate Mosque for Bunigeulis Residents

Despite the inadequate condition of Ahsanul Mahmuda Mosque, the surrounding residents still eagerly carry out religious activities in it.

Bunigeulis mosque.
The building of Ahsanul Mahmuda Mosque has been launched and ready to be prospered by surrounding residents since Tuesday (11/16/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA RESIDENTS – Joy surrounds the residents of Bunigeulis Hamlet, Mangunreha Village, Mangunreja District, Tasikmalaya Regency. They are happy since Ahsanul Mahmuda Mosque has been reconstructed. Before then, the mosque has already been actively used for several religious activities such as joint prayers, children’s Quran recitals, and many more.

However, the inadequate condition of the mosque oftentimes, could not accommodate the number of congregants. Meanwhile, on rainy days, the mosque used to get wet since the walls were only made of boards with holes in some parts, the toilets are also in poor condition.

However, the residents’ determination to renovate the mosque was very strong to the point they had tried many difficult ways to realize it.

Ahsanul Mahmuda Mosque condition before the renovation. (ACTNews)

Responding to the situation, the family of Ferzana Servia, philanthropists from Tasikmalaya reconstructed the mosque into an adequate, safe, and comfortable mosque. The assistance was then entrusted to be realized by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

Ferzana and her family were very happy to be able to visit and take part in helping the surrounding residents. “I renovate the mosque in the name of my father. Hopefully, it can be continuous alms for him,” said Ferzana.

The building has been inaugurated and ready to be prospered by local residents since Tuesday (11/16/2021). Happiness was also conveyed by Nana Nahromi as the head of the local RT.

“On behalf local residents, I would like to thank the family of Mrs. Ferzana and ACT team for reconstructing this mosque. I am grateful to Allah. It turned out that my meeting with one of ACT staff became an intermediary for the mosque renovation that was once slum to become a proper one,” said Nana. She also hopes that this mosque can be jariya alms for the benefactors.

Apart from the Ahsanul Mahmuda Mosque, there is another mosque that is being renovated by ACT Team. These reconstructions are one of ACT’s programs to support community activities such as supporting religious activities in proper places.[]