The Benefits of Waqf for MSME Capital Reach Dozens of Business Owners in Ambon

Twenty-four business owners in Ambon received Waqf for MSME Capital assistance to help them develop amid pandemic.

msme owners
The business capital assistance aims to help the business owners amid pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AMBON – Global Wakaf-ACT Maluku aggressively expands the business capital assistance distribution through the Waqf for MSME Capital program. Recently, as many as 24 business owners received capital assistance in Ambon City, Tuesday (6/8/2021).

"The Waqf for MSME Capital Program is here to support the sustainability of micro-enterprises that try to thrive amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Therefore, we provide business capital to MSME owners so that their business can continue to grow and can meet their daily needs," said Safri Zainudin Bugis, Coordinator of Waqf for MSME Capital in Maluku.

As the name implies, this venture capital assistance itself is funded by waqf, with the qard al-hasan scheme to maintain the waqf principal. The return of funds from the beneficiaries will not burden the beneficiaries because there is no profit sharing, no fines, and no usury.

Rubaida (70), one of the beneficiaries who works as a tailor in the Lorong Putri area, admitted that she was greatly helped by the assistance of Waqf for MSME Capital. She said that the decline in income began to be felt during the earthquake in 2019, followed by Covid-19 the following year.

With this support, Rubaida hopes to be able to re-develop her stalled business. “Alhamdilillah, I feel happy and helped by the assistance of Waqf for MSME Capital from Global Wakaf-ACT to increase business capital without interest. May the kindness of the donors be rewarded by Allah SWT, "he said. []