The Bitterness and Difficulties Caused by Water Crisis in Bekasi

Titin (45), a resident who has lived in the area since 1997, has to deal with the lack of clean water and adequate toilets. The mother of two told the Global Wakaf team how she had to use toilets with proper drainage system.

Titin, a resident of the scavenger neighborhood in Lapangan Ali, Pekayon, South Bekasi, Bekasi City, pointed out that the toilets that she uses on a daily basis are inadequate. (ACTNews / Fhirlian Rizqi)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Despite living in big cities, the residents of the scavenger neighborhood in Lapangan Ali, Bekasi City, have to deal with the lack of clean water and proper toilets.

Titin (45), one of the locals who has lived there since 1997 told the team that it is difficult for them to get clean water. To Global Wakaf – ACT Bekasi team, she said that her toilet has no proper drainage system. The toilet is made of wooden boards and is located behind her house.

"I bathe and wash my clothes here. If we need to urinate, we’ll remove this wooden plate here. This is what we do every day," said Titin, Tuesday (11/17).

Titin lives with her child and husband in a house made of wooden boards. To meet their water needs every day, Titin spends up to IDR 50,000 a month for clean water. She has to buy water for consumption.

"Every day, I scavenge scraps, earning around IDR 20,000 a week. In a week, In a day, I collect up to five buckets of water. It is sufficient for us because there’s only one water source in this area,” she added.

Djasman, another local resident, also deals with the same difficulty. He said that access to clean water and adequate toilets was an urgent need in the area because most of the locals can’t afford to build their own toilets.

“There used to be a well here, but now it's dry. Now we use borehole well, but it is also starting to dry out because too many people are using it. We hope that someone will care about us and build a water well and toilets here,” said Djasman who has been living there since 1983.

Ihsan Hafizhan from Global Wakaf  - ACT Bekasi Program Team said that after seeing the condition firsthand, they are willing to build a Waqf Well in the location. For this reason, Global Wakaf - ACT Bekasi is endeavoring to invite the wider community to jointly channel their best alms to build the well.

"After we saw the conditions, we know that this area needs a clean water source and toilets. Hence, we invite people to give their waqf through the Indonesia Dermawan website," said Ihsan. []