The Blessing of Zakat that Comes Earlier

The zakat given by the benefactors at the beginning of Ramadan through Global Zakat has been benefitting the beneficiaries throughout Indonesia. One of them was Untung Suryadi (56), a mosque caretaker and Quran teacher in Tanah Abang.

The Blessing of Zakat that Comes Earlier' photo
Untung Suryadi (56) received rice and dinner package from Global Zakat, Thursday (5/14). (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The call for maghrib prayer had just echoed when ACTNews team walked down the alley in Penjernihan, Tanah Abang. We followed the voice of the azan to Al Muhajirin mosque, where Untung Suryadi (56) works. He is one of the beneficiaries who was directly visited by Global Zakat - ACT through the Ketuk Pintu (Knock the Door) program, Thursday (5/14).

"Waalaikumussalam, please come in," said Untung, answering our greeting. After praying at the mosque, we hurried to Untung's house, which was built above the public toilet behind the Al Muhajirin Mosque. The house is only around nine square meters wide. Untung lives there with his family.

Since 2014, Untung decided to live in the small room. Over the years, he moved from a rented house to another. "I used to live in kampung deret (row houses village). Now I live here after I asked to the mosque management to stay here, "said Untung. Now, the man who once lived in Papua live in that small room so that he does not have to rent anymore. For Untung, who works as a parking attendant, housing rents in Jakarta are quite high.

"I work daily as a parking attendant. Allah’s promise is true. Sustenance may come from an unexpected source. I thank ACT benefactors very much, "said Untung, wiping his eyes.

Untung has been serving as a mosque caretaker and Quran teacher at Al Muhajirin Mosque since 2002. He was also awarded by Jakarta Provincial Government to go to Umrah in October 2019.

Sutaryo from ACT's Global Zakat Program Team explained, through the Knock the Door program, Global Zakat - ACT delivers directly the rice from the muzakki (zakat giver) to the beneficiaries.

"By paying the zakat earlier, our brothers and sisters can also get the benefit of zakat earlier. We want to invite our generous friends to be active in helping the needy in the last ten days of Ramadan," said Sutaryo. []


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