The Death of Gunadi on Nanggala-402 Leaves Grief for Sunaryo

Seaman Gunadi was among 53 crew members that were declared dead in the sunken KRI Nanggala 402 in the North Sea of Bali. His departure brought sorrow to the family, especially his father, Sunaryo.

ACT team takes a picture with Sunaryo, a father of KLS Isy Gunadi in Bantul. (ACTNews)
ACT team takes a picture with Sunaryo, a father of Seaman Gunadi in Bantul. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL “To me, it's hard. I only work as a laborer. He (Gunadi) was paying for his younger brother's college fee. His brother is now working on his undergraduate thesis."

That's a little story that Sunaryo (48) told the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team when remembering his son, Seaman Gunadi Fajar Rahmanto (28), one of 53 crew members of KRI Nanggala-402, Wednesday (5/5/2021). He said that since Gunadi became a member of the Indonesian navy, his eldest son used to regularly sent money for the needs of his younger brother, who is currently taking his final semester at Yogyakarta State Islamic University.

Sunaryo lives in Pundong, Bantul. The loss of his son has greatly saddened him. In 2014, Gunadi was accepted as a member of the Indonesian Navy. Gunadi used to go home to his parents in Bantul every two weeks from Surabaya.

"Over the past two years, he has joined the KRI Nanggala-402. Usually, my son didn't go on the submarine. His daily job was to accompany the commander, but on that day he was permitted to take part in the training exercise because one of the crew members was on leave. My son decided to replace him because he wanted to take a time off on Eid and because his baby's due date was near," said Sunaryo who also told ACT that his son had taken submarine training for nine months.

Now, Gunadi will always be remembered and the pride of his family because he died on duty. ACT also mourned the demise of one of the best sailors. A funeral visit was carried out while handing over food aid to the family of the late Gunadi.

"The big family of ACT expressed their condolences for the death of Gunadi along with 52 other crew members of Nanggala-402. They went on a noble mission and now continue on eternal patrol,” said Syamsul Huda, the Branch Manager of ACT Bantul.[]