The Death Toll in Eastern Ghouta Reaches More Than 460

The Death Toll in Eastern Ghouta Reaches More Than 460

ACTNews, EASTERN GHOUTA - The Syrian Observatory for Human rights has released the latest statistics, showing the current death toll in Eastern Ghouta, Syria. On Friday (23/2), it's reported that 462 civilians are killed, including 99 children, while thousands are wounded. 

The constant airstrikes that hit Eastern Ghouta in the last seven days are considered to be the worst war condition in Syria, even worse than what happened in Aleppo in 2016. 

Mahmood Adam of Syrian Civil Defence described the current situation in Eastern Ghouta as 'disastrous'.


"We are talking about a systematic targeting of civilians in their homes, schools, medical centres, marketplaces, and civil defence sites. This is an extermination of the society in this area,"  Adam said, as quoted from Al-Jazeera.

There's nothing that can be done by the residents of Eastern Ghouta, who are mostly internally displaced. Even to protect themselves from the continuous airstrikes is difficult.   

Adam also added that there are families that are hiding in underground shelters, not being able to see the sun for days, for fear of the brutality of the regime's warplanes.


"We don't know whether we will be alive to tell the world what is happening in the next hour or day. The rocket launchers are relentless, and the warplanes have not left the skies of Eastern Ghouta since Sunday (18/2). It's like war against civilians," he further added. 

Nisma al-Hatri, a local resident if Eastern Ghouta, explained the horror that she has experienced in the last few days, that her husband and her daughter Sara (10), and she wake up each day to the sound of explosions.

"Every day goes like this: bombings, then I clean the house from the effect of the nearby shelling, then we hide in one room, attempting to survive or die together," Hatri said bitterly to Al-Jazeera.


Eastern Ghouta, controlled by the opposition forces, has been under the siege of the Syrian government since 2013. The ebb and flow of the war involves the opposition forces, the Syrian regime and other international parties. The five-year siege makes it difficult for international agencies to reach Eastern Ghouta.

The escalation of the conflict in recent week makes it harder to access the location. The United Nations has pushed each party for a ceasefire and to open the access for international aid agencies due to the horrific impact of the war. 

Responding to the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta, ACT dispatched a Sympathy of Solidarity (SOS) for Syria team on Friday (23/2) morning. Insha Allah, direct aids such as public kitchens and prepared meal packages will be distributed to the refugees fleeing from Eastern Ghouta. Food aid becomes one of the most needed aid by the refugees from Eastern Ghouta at the moment. [] 



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