The Effort of Ali As’at Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

The restriction on religious and educational activities also affected the income of Ali As’at. He is an honorary teacher and also an Ustaz in Lamongan, East Java.

Ali As’at
Ali As’at is an honorary teacher and also an ustaz in Lamongan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LAMONGAN — The Covid-19 pandemic has hit almost all sectors of life. Community activities and gatherings are prohibited. Learning activities are carried out online. The honorary teachers are also affected by this regulation.

Ali As’at (48) is an honorary teacher in one of the elementary schools in Madulegi Village, Sukadadi District, Lamongan Regency. He tried his best to meet the family’s daily needs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, his teaching activities are carried out online. The salary he received had to be reduced.

“If I teach offline in the class, I get IDR40,000 per hour. The students are not coming to school, but I still have to come to school. Now, I earn IDR60,000 per day, and of course, my salary was reduced. I get paid that much because teaching and learning activities are done online. Not all students and parents here have smartphones, so it will be difficult if the payment is calculated hourly,” said As’at, Sunday (5/30/2021).

He uses his salary to meet the daily needs and pay for his children's tuition fees. Oftentimes, he did not have money to buy food needs. He had to go into debt at the shop.

After teaching in elementary school, As'at teaches the Quran at the Quran Learning Center (TPA) at the At-Taqwa Mosque in his village. There is no income from teaching the Quran. He does it solely because of Allah. As'at is also appointed by the community as a village religious functionary when someone dies.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic, religious activities have been restricted, such as tahlilan and kenduri. Hence, additional income to meet daily needs is also decreasing,” he said.

To help As'at struggle, Global Zakat-ACT conveyed the mandate of benefactors by distributing aid in the form of living expenses. "Alhamdulillah, hopefully, the Friend of Indonesian Teacher program can continue to provide blessings for all of us," he hoped.[]