The Happiness of Indonesian Independence Day Celebration in Evacuation Camp

The Happiness of Indonesian Independence Day Celebration in Evacuation Camp

The Happiness of Indonesian Independence Day Celebration in Evacuation Camp' photo

ACTNews, NORTH LOMBOK - On Friday (8/17) morning in Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) disaster post in Tanak Song Hamlet, Jenggala Village, Tanjung Sub-District, North Lombok, the air was filled with happiness. On 73rd Indonesian Independence Day, ACT held a celebration in Lombok. 

The flag ceremony was held, attended by the children in Tanak Song evacuation camp. Apart from the flag ceremony, ACT volunteers also invited the children to sing national songs and play traditional games.

Dozens of children stood in line while playing on an open field. They were preparing for the flag ceremony of the 73rd Indonesian Independence day that fell on Friday. The flag ceremony was led by ACT Trauma Healing volunteers consisting of six volunteers.  



The kids in the evacuation camp looked very cheerful and happy to celebrate the Independence Day.  The faces were shining  with joy although the celebration was held amidst the ruins of their houses. 

"Although we were just hit by disasters, we must keep thanking Allah. We are still given multiple blessings and a chance to held a ceremony to celebrate our independence. We should remain happy and din't forget to be grateful regardless of our condition," said the head of Tanak Song Hamlet in his speech.

Like in other flag ceremonies held to commemorate the Independence Day, the children sang Indonesian anthem Indonesia Raya (Great Indonesia) and 17 Agustus Tahun 45 (August 17 1945) together. They sang at the top of their lungs. Their eyes were glimmering with light, warming the heart of everyone that witnessed the moment in the evacuation camp.     


"We all hope that Lombok can recover. May our spirit reignite, and our hearts filled with optimism and stadfastness to stay strong amidst sorrow. Let us be determined to rebuild Lombok," said the head of Tanak Song Hamlet in the end of the celebration. 

The attendees of the flag ceremony replied the good wishes with a loud amin, ending the flag ceremony held in that morning. During the ceremony, the children from the evacuation post were very enthusiastic, as they solemnly stood on the open field with hearts filled with happiness.

The happiness of the celebration continued when the volunteers distributed small red-and-white flag and led them to sing Merah-Putih (Red and White)..

Merah-putih, merah-putih
Kaulah benderaku.
Tegak melambai
Tegak berkibar
Di langit biru jernih
Tegak melambai
Tegak berkibar
Di langit biru jernih

Waving small Indonesian flags in their small hands, they immersed themselves in the celebration with ACT Trauma Healing team. 

"The children were very happy; they were excited to sing together. They were overwhelmed with joy when we gave them presents; they were scrambling to get theirs. Well, they are children. So far, we observe that the psychological condition of those children is improving," said Ryan, one of the volunteers. 

Ryan added that the happiness of these children showed that the misfortune that befell them did not stop them from being happy. 

"Here is where our role as trauma healing volunteers is needed. Insha Allah, ACT and MRI volunteers will keep assisting the people of Lombok from the emergency phase until the post-disaster recovery," Ryan concluded. []


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