The Humanitarian Safari of a Palestinian Sheikh Visits Seven Mosques in Tanjung Pinang and Bintan City

Sheikh Wassem D. M. El Shobaki explained the current conditions faced by our brothers and sisters who are experiencing various types of difficulties in Palestine during a humanitarian safari titled "Palestinian Sheikh Roadshow."

humanitarian safari
This humanitarian safari takes place from Saturday (4/2/2022) to Monday(4/4/2022). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANJUNG PINANG CITY, BINTAN CITY – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Tanjung Pinang hosted a humanitarian safari program called "Sheikh Palestine Roadshow" with Sheikh Wassem D. M. El Shobaki. From Saturday (2/4/2022) to Monday (4/4/2022), ACT collaborated with seven mosques in Tanjung Pinang and Bintan.

During this activity, Sheikh Wassem spoke about the current conditions that our brothers and sisters in Palestine are facing, and the difficulties they are facing, starting with the food crisis, moving on to the medical, and finally to the clean water crisis.

According to Remy from the Tanjung Pinang ACT Program Team, the Sheikh's Roadshow event was important and meaningful for us as fellow Muslims.

"We should be thankful that the conditions in Palestine are not the same as what we are going through. We are always Muslim brothers and sisters, and we must help each other when we know that their condition there is dire," he said.

Bakhtiar, a member of the mosque committee, also expressed gratitude to Sheikh Wassem for visiting their mosque. This step is also a form of friendship with the Palestinian people for him. "I also hope that the congregation will be able to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine with the wealth we have to give to charity," Bakhtiar said. []