The Major Role of Waqf in Building the Nation

Indonesia has a tremendous potential for Waqf that amounts up to hundreds of trillions Rupiah. With such a massive amount of money, Indonesia can surely build and improve the country.

ACT President Ibnu Khajar showing the superior rice seedlings that were ready to be planted in farms in Jiyu Village, Kutorejo, Mojokerto. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, SURABAYA – In 2018, Charities Aid Foundation ranked Indonesia as the world's most generous country along with several developed countries. This is truly inseparable from the fact that many Indonesians frequently participate in charitable actions.  

Such generosity was also apparent during Aksi Cepat Tanggap's years of activities. ACT President Ibnu Khajar stated in the Waqf Business Forum in Surabaya (12/27/2020) that the donations from the society that ACT manages have been increasing every year. Even during the pandemic that has affected severely the financial conditions of the society, ACT sees the growing number of people who donated their wealth for charity. 

Waqf was one of the charitable deeds that many have been increasingly interested in. During the Waqf Business Forum in Surabaya, many residents of East Java were committed to allotting some of their assets for waqf through Global Wakaf - ACT. "I want to donate some of my wealth for Waqf. I talked with my wife, and she told me to give the best, not to donate half-heartedly," said Heru Pamungkas, a Malang resident during the Surabaya WBF. On that day, he donated his superior rice seedlings that worth IDR 30 million for Waqf. The superior rice seedlings will be planted in Global Wakaf ACT's rice fields.

In Indonesia, waqf is often used to fund public facilities, including mosques, schools, and cemeteries. However, the potential of waqf is yet to be explored. If managed well, waqf funds can result in immense, perpetual benefits for the community. 

Head of the Indonesian Waqf Agency Mohammad Nuh said that the waqf potential in Indonesia reaches hundreds of trillions rupiah per year. "Waqf has an immense potential to support the development of this nation, especially if the waqf funds are allocated to productive sectors," said Nuh who was also Indonesia's Minister of Education from 2009 to 2014. 

Productive Waqf

As an institution that gather and administer waqf funds, Global Wakaf - ACT has several productive waqf assets, including the Waqf Rice Barn in Blora, Central Java. In 2018, Aksi Cepat Tanggap sent Waqf Rice from Blora to Palestine through the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine program. 

In addition to rice, Global Wakaf - ACT also produces Waqf Drinking Water through the Lumbung Air Wakaf. The Waqf Drinking Water is distributed for free to the beneficiaries. “The Waqf-based products that we distribute are a result of the management of productive waqf funds,” said Sri Eddy Kuncoro of Global Wakaf - ACT, Saturday (12/26/2020) during the planting ceremony in Jiyu Village, Mojokerto. This ceremony is part of the management of the waqf funds through the Productive Rice Field Waqf. []