The Massive Benefits of Zakat

Thanks to the zakat funds that are administered by Global Zakat – ACT, various acts of kindness have been able to be carried out, from medical programs, provision of medication aid, to the assistance for Muslim preachers.

Last August, children in Cipandawa Block, a relocation site designated for Bogor landslide victims, received prepared meals from Global Zakat – ACT. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - After undergoing medical treatments in Jakarta for a month, Muhammad Rifqi (12), a boy suffering from heart valve disease, will return to his hometown in Bireuen on Saturday (9/26). There were no more bandages on his chest. The plaster that covered the medical suture had also been removed. Rifqi was smiling brightly as his recovery began.

Rifqi arrived in Jakarta on August 13 from Bireuen, Aceh. It was the second time he came to Jakarta for his treatments. He was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and had to undergo surgery.

This was not easy for Rifqi and his family because they have been living in poverty. Each cent that Rifqi’s parents saved wasn’t enough for his treatments. Fadhil and Nurwaida work as farmers in other people’s farms where they receive half of the crops during harvest seasons. For extra income, Rifqi’s father Fadhil also sells the produce of his garden. The earning isn’t much, but it is the best they can do.

Fadhil met volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Biruen. They agreed to support Rifqi’s treatments through the Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) programs. While Rifqi’s medical expenses were covered by the national insurance, the costs for transportation, food, and accommodation both in Jakarta and Bireun were covered by the MSR program from the funds that were raised through as well as Global Zakat’s zakat funds.

Program Coordinator of MSR – Global Zakat Nurjannatunaim revealed, the success of Rifqi's surgery was inseparable from the community's zakat funds that were managed by Global Zakat for the MSR program, a program that serves to provide medical assistance for the economically underprivileged.

The zakat funds from the community are also used for the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program that has been running for a year. The program that was launched in the National Teachers’ Day in 2019 serves to provide food aid and training to underprivileged honorary teachers. To date, around 5,000 teachers across 30 provinces have benefitted from this program through the provision of financial assistance and training from the experts in education.

Riski Andriana of Global Zakat - ACT said that, in the field of education, the zakat funds are used not only to provide assistance to the teachers, but also to renovate schools, distribute food packages for students, and to support Muslim preachers in remote areas of Indonesia.

"The benefits of zakat funds are massive. They reach the remote areas of Indonesia as well as other countries suffering from humanitarian crises,” explained Riski.

The benefits of zakat funds indeed reach other countries, such as the Humanity Food Truck managed by Global Zakat – ACT that operates in Palestine to provide thousands of meal packages from the zakat funds.

MSR, Sahabat Guru Indonesia, and the Humanity Food Truck in Jakarta only reflects a small fraction of the blessing of Zakat. Global Zakat – ACT opens an opportunity for everyone to donate their zakat, especially zakat-ul-mal. On its website, Global Zakat also provides a feature to help calculate how much zakat one has to pay.

"Zakat is usually synonymous with Ramadan, especially zakat-ul-fitr. However, every Muslim is also obliged to pay for zakat-ul-mal from the assets that they have. To help them calculate how much of the zakat they have to pay, we have a zakat calculator feature on Global Zakat website. You can also reach Global Zakat through its social media accounts," concluded Riski. []