The Mosque is too Narrow, People Decide to Pray on Bamboo Woven Bed

Congregants of the Darunnajah prayer room in Pasuruan must pray outside the prayer room on the bamboo woven bed because the prayer room's capacity is no longer sufficient.

Congregants pray
Congregants pray in a bamboo woven bed because the prayer room is no longer large enough. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PASURUAN — Congregants of the Darunnajah Mosque in Oro Oro Bulu Village, Rembang District, Pasuruan Regency must use Balai-Balai (bamboo or wood seats or beds) for congregational prayers. The reason is the prayer room, which was built in 2017, can no longer accommodate the congregation.

Ustaz Malik, Imam of Darunnajah Mosque, states that the mosque can currently only accommodate about fifteen worshippers. When the number of congregants exceeds the capacity, a congregation must pray on a bamboo-woven bed.

"I feel sorry for the elderly congregation. They travel long distances to pray here, but there is not always enough space. They must pray on a bamboo-woven bed outside the mosque. If it suddenly rains, they will be completely soaked," Ustaz Malik stated at the end of April 2022.

Every day, children visit this mosque to learn the Quran and Islamic teachings. Although the mosque is in poor condition and has begun to deteriorate, the children's enthusiasm for the Quran remains high. "Alhamdulillah, the children are still enthusiastic about the Quran even though the mosque is in disrepair," he said.

"Seeing the state of the prayer room and the children's and congregations' eagerness to pray and study Insha Allah, ACT Pasuruan will work hard to make the Darunnajah prayer room more spacious and comfortable. "There are no longer any congregants praying outside the Mosque using the Balai-Balai," Amin explained. []