The Movement of Waqf in the Westernmost of Sumatera.

The Movement of Waqf in the Westernmost of Sumatera.

ACTNews, BANDA ACEH – It’s never too late to learn more about waqf. Such learning spirit drove Keumalawati (85) to attend the Waqf Business Forum (WBS) held in the city of Banda Aceh. Staggering, she came with her child and grandchild to the forum along with other participants who were very enthusiastic to learn more about waqf.

On Tuesday, (28/1) the event initiated by Global Wakaf – Aksi Cepat Tanggap was attended by a hundred participants, majority of whom are entrepreneurs and business owners. In that chance, the potential of national and global waqf was discussed, including the historical examples of the glory of Islam through the utilization of waqf during the era of the Prophet’s companions. Two of the most famous waqf-related stories are the story of Uthman’s well, and Umar’s date plantation.

“At this time, our society needs wider waqf practices, not limited to zakat (obligatory charity), infaq (voluntary charity), and sadaqah (charity or good deeds that are not always related to wealth),” said Iqbal Setyarso in his inspiring speech.

Imam Teguh Saptono, the President Director of Global Wakaf Corporation, also said about the role of waqf in building the economy of the society. Waqf is not only an effort to involve Allah in our business and trade activities, but also to eternalize our wealth to the Hereafter.

“Certainly none of us wants the benefits of our wealth to just spread in this world, only for ourselves. Involving waqf in our enterprises will bring blessing and multiply our provisions. Why? Because not only that waqf is beneficial in bringing continuous good to others, but Allah will bring His angels in our business activities,” said Saptono.

Meanwhile, J.E. Robbyantono, Business Director of Global Wakaf Coorporation explained how waqf works, from the waqf transaction to the implementation of waqf funds. The capital obtained from waqf funds will be kept, while the profits will then be donated to those who deserve it through humanitarian programs.

Giving waqf through businesses (stock waqf), according to Robbyantono, doesn’t have to wait for the enterprise to grow bigger.

“In fact, it is very good to endow in stock waqf since the inception of the enterprise because once it grows bigger, it is difficult to endow some of the stock,” explained Robbyantono.

The waqf education session strengthened the intentions of the participants to endow, either in stock waqf, cash waqf, or assets waqf. One of the participants even endowed his 100 hectares land, which is worth one billion rupiah. Just in a few minutes, the movement of waqf was seen that day.

The intention to endow was also realized by Keumalawati, who were very enthusiastic during the waqf education session.

“I want to endow some money that I’ve prepared before coming to this event. May the money that I give will continuously bring benefits,” said Keumalawati while giving tens of millions of rupiah at the end of the event. []    



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