The National Food Alms Movement came to Al- Ansor Islamic Boarding School

Global Wakaf-ACT distributed two hundreds fifty kilograms of waqf rices and waqf drinking-water after seeing the conditions of Al-Ansor Islamic Boarding School. Wishing the food assistance fulfill the students' need for food for some time.

Al-Ansor Islamic boarding school students received waqf rice from Global Wakaf-ACT symbolically. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI — Al Ansor Islamic Boarding School, located in the riverside of Cikaso River, Ciloma Village, Cibitung District, Sukabumi regency, is a 30-year-old place to study Al-Quran that needed assistance for its 80 students.

Global Wakaf-ACT distributed two hundreds and fifty kilograms of waqf rice and waqf drinking-water to support all students' needs.

Hand in hand with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia - ACT Sukabumi, the assistance was distributed directly to Al-Ansor Islamic Boarding School. It took about 4 hours by land and an hour by motorboat from Sukabumi to Surade District.

Upon arriving at the locations, the ACT team was warmly welcomed by the students and one of the members of the school board, Ustaz Syamsudin. “ I would like to send our thanks to ACT for delivering food aid all the way to Al Ansor Islamic Boarding School,” said Ustaz Syamsudin.

Head of Global Wakaf - ACT Sukabumi Program Department Resdiana Pratama explained that food aid from the National Food Alms Movement is aimed at educational institutions in rural communities. “We want to appreciate the performance of educators and support educational institutions, one of them is the Al-Ansor Islamic Boarding School.[]