The National Movement for Food Alms Gathering Invites Lampung Residents to Help One Another

In the city of Bandar Lampung, a coffee entrepreneur is committed to filling the Food Alms shelves with his coffee. The Food Alms Gathering Point can be used by the needy to take what they need.

ACT Lampung provided food alms to the needy through the Food Alms Gathering Point at Aksi Cepat Tanggap Lampung Branch Office, Saturday (8/8). (ACTNews / Hermawan Wahyu)

ACTNews, BANDAR LAMPUNG - Florentino Napitupulu, Owner of Hitado Coffee, was very proud of the National Movement for Food Alms Gathering initiated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap Lampung launched on Saturday (8/7). According to Florentino, the movement that let the beneficiaries take whatever they need and the donors give what they have as much as possible can inspire people to work together to help those in need. He has committed to giving some cups of his coffee every week through the Food Alms shelves.

"I hope that this movement can continue so that the needy can benefit from what others have,” said Florentino. He promised to talk to his church to support the Not only that, he promised to communicate with the church where he worshiped to support the National Movement for the Food Charity Granary in Lampung.

Senen, a scavenger who collects scraps to make ends meet, was among the beneficiaries of ACT Lampung Food Alms program. He was grateful that there are still many generous people in Lampung who care about the poor.

"On Fridays, people often give me food, but not on other days. I thank the generous donors who have given their aid through ACT,” said Senen who lives in Teluk Betung.

This father of four pushed his cart every day for five kilometers. He added, the price of scraps has fallen drastically since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. He now earns only IDR 50,000 a day at most.

ACT Lampung Branch Manager, Dian Eka Wahyuni, explained that the National Movement for Food Alms Gathering intends to invite the public to work together to support the poor whose livelihood has been severely deteriorating since the pandemic.

"ACT Lampung invites people to help one another. People can fill the shelves at the Food Alms Gathering Point with basic needs like drinking water, vegetables, health supplements, and others,” said Dian.

In the future, the shelves will be placed on a number of locations that will be the Food Alms Gathering Point.

"More Food Alms Gathering Points will be set up in several other areas that are eligible for food assistance. We will invite mosques and schools to take part," continued Dian.

She added that the food alms aim not only to support the poor in facing the pandemic, but also in facing the drought and food shortages usually afflicts people in a number of areas in Lampung. []