The Pain and Bitterness of Syrian Refugees on the Border

The Pain and Bitterness of Syrian Refugees on the Border

ACTNews, REYHANLI - Wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetic legs are the good mate for Syrian refugees. In Hatay Province, located on Syria-Turkey border, we witnessed and heard a lot of stories from the refugees about the bitterness of their lives. Becoming war refugees, trying to flee while enduring painful wounds is something they have to experience. They've been bearing the pain for years without knowing when it's going to end. 

In the beginning of this week, we, SOS for Syria XIV team, visited two medical clinics on the border of Hatay and Idlib. We heard many stories about the bitter lives of Syrian youth that become the victims of the civil war. Permanent scars on their bodies left deep pain, the pain that will not end and the trauma that will not heal. 

        Ja'far, a 27 year old young man, can only lie down weakly. He uncovered his blanket, revealing an iron bar that supports his body. "I was walking in Homs when a rocket suddenly fell from the sky right in front of me. I ran to the hospital. When I was just got out from the hospital, a bomb exploded right on my foot. My ankle was broken, and my leg bones were shattered. It was two years ago," said Ja'far.

Ahmad, a man younger than Ja'far, told us a different story. The spine of this young man from Idlib was fractured. "I was ran over by a tank when I was walking. Alhamdulillah, Allah saved my life," said Ahmad.

Such was not the case with Abdul Halim (23). A thick blanket covered half of his body. He let us see his condition and take his picture. Prior to the war, he was a university student and a teacher. "My leg was amputated because, in Idlib, a bomb exploded right in front of my foot."

We then went to the next room to meet Ibrahim. His body looked healthy, but Allah is testing him with paralysis and tremendous pain. 


Ibrahim told us that a rocket exploded right behind him, shattering thirteen of his vertebrae and damaging his nerves. "Every minute I feel such an unbearable pain in my back. All of the people in this clinic are already used to my screams when trying to cope with the pain," he said. 

There are many other stories of pain suffered by Syrian youths who become the war victims, lying weakly in clinics on the Syria-Turkey border: burns caused by explosions, nerve paralysis, disability, broken limbs, or bullets inside their heads.

It's been seven years since the civil war first broke out in Syria in 2011, but the stories of Syrian youth trying to endure their permanent wounds will never end. On this Syria-Turkey border, there are thousands of other Syrian youth whose future is destroyed by the conflict.  

They are fathers, brothers, uncles and breadwinners of their families. In their hearts are verses of the Qur'an, all 6.236 of them. "Yes, many of these youth memorize the whole Qur'an. Allah is testing them with pain," said an ACT partner who took us to the clinics. []  


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