The Palestinian not Sure Where to Stay after the Aggression

The Palestinians were not sure about their fate. The questions such as ‘Do we get compensation fees?’, and ‘Who is going to pay?” fill the mind of the victims of the Israeli attack a few days ago.

Destroyed building in Gaza
The Gazans stand in front of the destroyed building. (Special Documentation)

ACTNews, GAZA –"It's like a tsunami," said Abu Ali, standing next to a heap of rubble that had been a 14-story tower in Gaza City. He lived in one of the units of the building.

"How can the world call itself civilized? This is a war crime. We are ruled by laws of the jungle," he said on Friday (5/21/2021), hours after a ceasefire was declared.

Gaza's housing ministry said on Thursday (5/20/2021), shortly before hostilities stopped, that 16,800 housing units were damaged, with 1,800 of those unfit for living and 1,000 destroyed. "We returned to our homes to find destruction," said Samira Abdallah Naseer, whose two-story house was hit by a blast. "No place to sit, no water, no electricity, no mattresses, nothing."

"Now we are back to the dilemma of Gaza reconstruction. Who will carry it out, Hamas or the Palestinian Authority? And who is going to pay?," said Emad Jawdat, a 53-year-old businessman.

"Some people have still not been compensated for their losses in 2014," he said, referring to the last war with Israel that lasted 50 days.

Meanwhile, based on data compiled by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Global Humanity Response team, it will take at least 124 million dollars or around IDR 1.8 trillion to rebuild housing for Gaza residents.

"Even though the figure is large, we are sure that with the spirit of brotherhood and the best help from the generous benefactors, we will be able to collect this amount of aid and rebuild the destroyed houses," said Said Mukaffiy from the ACT’s Global Humanity Response team, Tuesday (5/25/ 2021).[]