The Power of Almsgiving that Improves Herman’s Prosperity

Thanks to the support from the generous donors, Herman’s life has been improved. In addition to a new house in which he lives now, the generosity of the almsgivers has also provided Herman with a new stall where he sells roasted corn and coffee in front of his house.

Herman at his coffee stall. (ACTNews / M Irfan Fauzan)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - After receiving a house from the generous benefactors through the Tasikmalaya Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) program, another gift was received by Herman and his family in the form of economic empowerment through the provision of a hawker stall.

Herman was happy when the ACTNews team visited him on Wednesday (9/9). Since August, he has been spending most of his time at a coffee stall on Jalan Cigantang, Mangkubumi, Tasikmalaya City.

The stall that stands right in front of his house is open for 24 hours a day. Apart from coffee and roasted corn, he also sells other foods such as instant noodles. “I can't say anything else. I have been given so many things. I can only pray that God will repay all the kindness of those who have been willing to help me,” added Herman.

Herman and his family tidying up their stall. (ACTNews / M Irfan Fauzan)

It all began in September 2019 when the ACT Tasikmalaya team met Herman. At that time, his family and he were living in a cart that they also used to scavenge for used scraps to sell.

M Fauzi Ridwan from the ACT Tasikmalaya Program Department hoped that what Herman received could be useful and ease Herman and his family. "From the beginning of the construction of his house his coffee stall was finished, the ACT Tasikmalaya team has always been there for him and his family. Hopefully all of this can be useful and really make it easier for Mr. Herman and his family to earn a living,”added Fauzi.

Fauzi also hoped that the generosity of the community can benefit many others in Tasikmalaya. "We hope that the community’s generosity will not stop here because there are many others who are in need. Therefore, we invite the benefactors to continue to support us in our humanitarian actions,” said Fauzi. []