The Spirit of Uplifting Indonesia Strengthens MSMEs Performance in East Java

At the beginning of June the spirit of Uplifting Indonesia, Global Wakaf-ACT, has continued to strengthen the struggle of MSMEs owners. This time, one thousand MSMEs owners in East Java received capital waqf assistance.

MSMEs owners in East Java receive waqf cart assistance.
MSMEs owners in East Java receive waqf cart assistance. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, SURABAYA – The new normal era has not fully recovered everyone’s life including the economy sector. The MSMEs still require a lot of help to support their businesses. In East Java for example, thousands of MSME owners require capital assistance.

Responding to the situation, the Global Wakaf-ACT continues to strive in providing the best support for MSMEs owners. Through the Bersama Angkat Indonesia (Uplifting Indonesia Together) movement, capital and cart assistance was distributed by the Capital Waqf Program for MSMEs. A thousand MSME owners in East Java have received the assistance.

The handover ceremony of the assistance was carried out by the East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa in Al-Akbar Mosque, Surabaya, Thursday (6/3/2021). Symbolically, some of the MSME owners received the waqf cart and capital assistance.

“What is needed now (by the MSME owners) is easier mobility to run their businesses. Thus, through the cart assistance we can imagine that they can be more mobile and increase their business capacities,” said Khofifah.

Meanwhile, the President of ACT Ibnu Khajar said that the MSMEs assistance in East Java was an effort to strengthen the MSMEs owners. Ibnu also thanked the East Java Governor who has quickly responded to the support from Global Wakaf-ACT.

“With the spirit of Bersama Angkat Indonesia, we also want to uplift the Indonesian MSMEs to a better position,” said Ibnu. 

One of the recipients of Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses in East Java was Suwito. The 57 year old man was the beneficiary of waqf cart assistance. He owns a coffee shop by renting a stall in Pasar Baru, Bluru Kidul, Sidoarjo.

Suwito feels grateful for the business asset assistance from the Global Wakaf-ACT. He is planning to open a new fruit juice and cocktail shop business.

“Before the pandemic, my average net income was IDR150,000 per day. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I only get IDR60,000 per day. Therefore, I am very grateful for the cart assistance. I can peddle around or easily find a place to sell,” said Suwito.

Previously, Global Wakaf-ACT has distributed non-usury business capital to thousands of MSMEs. Not only financial and asset assistance, business accompaniment is also provided as an effort to increase the performance of the business owners.[]