The Spirit of Ustazah Hilmi and Students Recite Quran in Inadequate Place

Syamsa Quran Center in Tanah Datar is in poor condition. In this house with walls of rotting wood measuring 4 by 6 meters, Ustazah Hlimi Furqoni is still passionate about teaching 98 children the Quran.

Ustazah Hilmi Furqoni
Ustazah Hilmi Furqoni with the students of Syamsa Quran Center. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANAH DATAR – ACT and MRI Bukittinggi visited the Syamsa Quran Center in Jorong Batu Basa, Nagari Batu Basa, Pariangan District, Tanah Datar Regency. The students and Ustazah Hilmi Furqoni enthusiastically welcomed ACT-MRI Bukittinggi team, Thursday (8/12/2021).

When ACT-MRI team arrived, the students were learning the Quran. The condition of the Syamsa Quran Center is inadequate to accommodate 98 students. The Quran center building is only 4 by 6 meters. There is no toilet for supporting learning activities. The walls of the building made of wood are starting to rot.

"The size of the house is 4 by 6 meters, and the study room is 4 by 3 meters. The 98 students lined up while reciting the Quran. Even though the condition of the place to study is not adequate, the enthusiasm of the students to study the Quran does not subside," said Desta Efita Nora from the ACT Bukittinggi program team.

Ustazah Hilmi Furqoni could not renovate Syamsa Quran Center because it costs a lot, and she does not have enough money.

“Previously, there were only a few who recited the Quran. Now there are many students. I want to renovate this Quran center to make it more comfortable, but I don't have money," said Ustazah Hilmi.

Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance. Through Friend of Muslim Preacher program, Global Zakat-ACT continues to help preachers throughout Indonesia. Hence, they continue to spread Islamic values.[]