The Story of a Chicken Seller Raising Hundreds of Orphans

"The pleasure of helping orphans makes you feel peaceful both physically and mentally. If not us, who else? Insha Allah, this will be our savings in the afterlife,” said Sudirman, a chicken seller, and owner of the Satu Atap Foundation, which now houses 300 orphans and the needy.

Sudirman (46), a chicken seller and owner of the Satu Atap Foundation, a house of 300 orphans and the needy. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, TANGERANG CITY – The call of Fajr prayer and the roosters crowing sounded at Sudirman’s (46) house. Sudirman is a chicken seller in Batusari Village, Batuceper District, Tangerang City, Banten. Dirman has been busy choosing and cutting the chickens that he wants to sell to his loyal customers.

However, it looked different when ACTNews participated in Dirman's activities that early morning. Apart from working as a chicken seller, Dirman is also the owner of the Satu Atap Foundation, a foundation that protects orphans and the needy, which was founded eleven years ago.

“Before 2010, I was a vegetable seller. When selling, I often hear the stories of widowed mothers who cannot support their children and pay school fees. Qadarullah, Allah knocks on my heart to help these orphans. I decided to build Satu Atap,” he told ACTNews, Wednesday (11/10/2021).

For Dirman, Satu Atap is like a shelter for orphans and the poor who have difficulty paying school fees and family food. He, who only graduated from junior high school, admitted that he was restless and worried about the fate of orphans and poor people who always lacked attention.