The Strong Bonds Between Two Nations

The Strong Bonds Between Two Nations

ACTNews, JAKARTA – “…Palestine, how could I forget. When the young of Gaza, teenagers of age, throw stones at armored tanks without fear…”

The poem by Taufiq Ismail opened the discussion entitled Sharing with the Master: Responding to the Domination and Colonialization of the Jews in Palestine” led by Adian Husaini in Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) central office in South Jakarta, Thursday (3/28). The conflict in Palestine has once again caught the attention of the international community as the first anniversary of the Great Return March nears.

Great March of Return is a weekly protest held every Friday along Gaza-Palestine border which started on March 30, 2018.

The Indonesian citizens in several cities have held rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians who are struggling in Gaza. ACTNews reported that such rallies took place in cities like Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bandar Lampung.

Adian Husaini remarked that there are two common aspects between Indonesia and Palestine that draw the two nations closer. “Historically, the Palestinians are among the first who recognized Indonesian independence. We Indonesians initiated the Bandung Conference,” said Husaini. He mentioned that a topic discussed during Bandung Conference was opposition to Zionism, in line with the spirit to support the independence of Palestine. “Our own constitution stated that all colonialism must be abolished in this world,” he added,

ACT has relentlessly provided aid for the Palestinians. In the anniversary of the Great Return March, ACT provide medical services, clean water and meals from the Indonesian Public Kitchens.

ACT President Ahyudin said that the aid delivery to Palestine, including the delivery of aid packages through Humanitarian Ship for Palestine set to sail in April, will hopefully fortify the psychological bond between the people of Indonesia and Palestine.

“The focus of our programs is to send basic supplies for the Palestinians. Therefore, ACT initiated the Humanitarian Ship program. Hopefully, this program can be held as frequent as possible,” said AHyudin, Tuesday (3/19).

To ACT, sailing the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine means massively mobilizing the generosity of the society so that they can express their kindness to their brothers and sisters across the sea regardless of the vast distance, as Taufiq Ismail wrote in his poem “…Palestine, how can I forget you. From my land, thousands of kilometers away you lied, but the soothing voice of the azan in Al-Aqsa echoes in my ears.” []



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