The Struggle of Orphans in Tasikmalaya to Catch Their Dreams

Haikal Ridho and Abdul Halim, underprivileged students, can no longer feel the warmth of their father's or mother's embrace. However, this does not dampen their enthusiasm for study.

Haikal receives a scholarship from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA CITY – Having a father and mother is a blessing for a child. Unfortunately, Haikal Ridho Rabbani (12) and Abdul Halim (14) cannot feel this. The two students in Karangtengah Village, Gunung Puyuh District, Sukabumi City have become orphans.

Haikal, who is currently in 6th grade, lost his father at five months old. This makes Haikal's mother the breadwinner of the family. Meanwhile, Haikal is entrusted to his grandmother when his mother is selling snacks around. Currently, his mother must work harder to pay for his grandmother’s medical treatment.

"Hopefully, in the future, I can help my mother. Now, I am focusing on school and realizing my dream of becoming a mechanic," said Haikal, Tuesday (6/29/2021).

Meanwhile, Halim lost his mother when he was only three days old. He has been raised by his grandmother. His father works as a construction worker who moves from one place to another, following the project site.

“My sister and I have been living with our grandmother. My father works as a construction worker. He is rarely home. Now, I am focusing on school, and I want to go to an Islamic boarding school. Hopefully, I can make my parents happy, especially my mom who passed away,” said Halim.

Muhammad Fauzi Ridwan from the program team of ACT Tasikmalaya City says, Haikal and Halim are poor orphans who are persistent in their education to make their dreams come true. Their enthusiasm to reach their dreams never dampens although they do not fully feel the love of their parents.

“Both of them sometimes help their grandmothers, such as selling drinks at school and collecting grass. However, they never leave their education and still excel in school. We have performed assessments before providing assistance,” said Fauzi, Friday (7/2/2021).

Global Zakat-ACT provided scholarships for both of them on Tuesday (6/29/2021). "Hopefully, the scholarship can motivate them to continue learning," he explained. []