The Struggle of Ustaz Zaid Maulana: Someone Stabbed Me during Preaching

The bitter experience of Ustaz Zaid Maulana in preaching was stabbed during a lecture.

Ustaz Zaid Maulana
Ustaz Zaid Maulana receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT in his house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTHEAST ACEH – For Ustaz Zaid Maulana, preaching is a way of life. During his preaching, he had many experiences, one of which was being stabbed during a lecture.

The stabbing incident occurred in 2020. At the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, Ustaz Zaid was preaching at Al-Husna Mosque, Kandang Belang Village, Lawe Bulan District, Southeast Aceh Regency. 

Ustaz Zaid said the perpetrator entered through the window of the mosque behind the pulpit. He who was speaking to the congregation did not know the presence of the perpetrator.

“The congregation shouted. Alhamdulillah, Allah still gives me safety. I had time to dodge and fend off the attack. His knife missed and hit my right hand. The congregation was shocked because it happened so fast,” Ustaz Zaid recalled telling the stabbing incident to the Global Zakat-ACT team, Thursday (8/19/2021).

Ustaz Zaid did not know the motive of the perpetrator. After the stabbing, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. The perpetrator was a former police officer who was dishonorably dismissed. "Maybe he was depressed. I also do not know the perpetrators, let alone have a problem," he said.

Despite the incident, Ustaz Zaid is still active in preaching. For him, preaching is the duty and struggle of the prophets that must be continued. “What I experienced was nothing compared to what the Prophets experienced. I take the lesson to be more vigilant," he concluded.[]