There is No Deal of the Century For Palestinians

The Peace Plan proposed by U.S. dubbed “Deal of The Century” was met with criticism because it is detrimental for the Palestinians and threatens its economic sovereignty.

There is No Deal of the Century For Palestinians' photo
Visitors Flocking Al-Aqsa Mosque Complex in Jerusalem, known also as Al-Quds. This week, Palestinians gathered to voice their disapproval of the peace plan. (Quds News Network).

ACTNews, JERUSALEM – Part of the U.S.-proposed peace plan signed on Tuesday (1/28), often dubbed “Deal of Century”, was the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Tis lopsided peace plan was made without involving Palestine.

As quoted from, the agreement says Jerusalem will continue to be the sovereign capital of the state of Israel. Palestine will also receive a portion of Jerusalem, but the important parts belong to Israel.

For the Palestinians, any deal will not support them as long as Israel continues to exert pressure on Palestinians living in Jerusalem. They have to face violence and seizure of their assets, especially their homes. "Israel continues to take houses here, either by coercion or by subtle ways that strangle Palestinian families," said Yahya (not his real name), one of the Palestinians who live near Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in January.

This unilateral agreement proposed by the United States and Israel is clearly very detrimental to Palestine. This agreement affects not only the territory of Palestine, but also the economy. In Jerusalemites area inhabited by Palestinians, prices of basic needs and rent have started to soar. Additionally, the Palestinians have to endure the terror and harassment committed by the Israelis.

In Indonesia, the voice of support for Palestine continues to reverberate. In various regions, various communities gathered in rallies to voice their aspirations against the colonization of Palestine by Israel through military attacks and one-sided regulations and agreements.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to support the struggle of the Palestinians population. On Friday (2/7), a thousand people around Al-Aqsa enjoyed meal packages distributed by ACT that consist of rice, chicken, milk, fruit, and juice.

The unfair treatment of the Palestinians has garnered attention from the International community. The people of Indonesia, as a part of the global community, continue their commitment to supporting Palestine since the time of the first President Soekarno who firmly participated in the struggle for Palestinian independence from Israeli occupation. []