Things You Can Do When Tornado Occurs

ACT’s Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DMII) provides several tips to do if a tornado occurs.

A number of Sumberejo Hamlet residents, Wringin Agung Village, Banyuwangi clean up debris caused by strong winds. (BNPB)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The change of seasons usually followed by a tornado that occurs in the tropics between the north and south equinoxes. This phenomenon can destroy anything in its path even casualties.

ACT’s Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DMII) provides several tips to do if a tornado happens when at the time you are inside or outside the home which is delivered by the Training and Education staff of DMII-ACT, Erry Septiadi.

Lock the doors and windows

Erry explains that closing doors and windows basically keeps the house in a safe position. It may sound too easy, but it actually makes sense. The more wind enters the house, the greater the pressure on the building. The wind comes in from the open doors and windows. Meanwhile, the roof of the house is destroyed when a lot of wind gets into the house.

Turn the electricity and electronic equipment off 

This step is better done to avoid an electrical short circuit. "It can also be done by removing the gas cylinder regulator," explained Erry.

Go to the center of the room

Erry added, if a tornado happens, please stay away from corners of rooms, doors, windows, and the outer walls of buildings. High-speed winds can damage parts of the house so the material can endanger the safety of life.

Enter a strong building if you are outside

"It's a different case when a tornado occurs when we are outside. We have to immediately find a sturdy building for shelter. Avoid lying on the ground, if the tornado is accompanied by lightning then bend down immediately, sit down and hug your knees to your chest," explained Erry.

Erry added to stay away from electricity poles and billboards, also avoid bridges and overpasses. Be aware of the surroundings in case there are objects blown by the wind.

“Those are the tips that can be done if a tornado occurs. However, it will be better if you pay attention to indications before the arrival of a tornado. If you experience those indications, then check your surroundings and make sure if everything is in good condition or please immediately contact the help center," he concluded.[]