Third Humanitarian Ship Arrives at Palu

Third Humanitarian Ship Arrives at Palu

ACTNews, PALU – For the third time, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Humanitarian Ship reached Pantoloan Harbor, Palu. Once again, KMP Drajat Paciran that belongs to PT ASDP Ferry was appointed to be the Humanitarian Ship that carried humanitarian aid packages. On Saturday (10/27) afternoon, the ship departed from Tanjung Perak Harbor, Surabaya.

After two-day journey across the sea, the third Humanitarian Ship arrived in Palu Monday (10/29) around dusk. The aid packages were unloaded right away and the unloading process lasted until midnight. The packages were then transported to ACT store house located close to the harbor. Approximately 200 tons of aid packages were carried from Surabaya to Makassar by the third Humanitarian Ship.

On Saturday (10/27) during the departure ceremony of the ship, ACT East Java Branch Manager, Ponco Sri Ariyanto stated that the packages carried by the third Humanitarian Ship came not only from people of East Java, but also from Central Java and Yogyakarta. East Java Regional Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD Jatim) also contributed in providing humanitarian aid packages.

“The aid that came from Surabaya consists of mostly basic necessities that are direly needed by the survivors of the earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction. Among the items are food, medicines, hygiene kits, baby supplies, etc.,” explained Ariyanto.

Not only carrying tons of aid packages, KMP Drajat Paciran also carried rescue vehicles belonging to BPBD Jatim as well as volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) East Java.

ACT’s Director of Disaster-related Programs and Community Development, Sri Eddy Kuncoro stated that the aid packages that have been sent to Central Sulawesi both through land and sea transport will be distributed to dozens of ACT Humanitarian Posts in Palu, Sigi, Donggala and Parigi Moutong. As of Monday (10/29), 101 Humanitarian Posts have been set up throughout Central Sulawesi.

“The aid packages, including those from the third Humanitarian Ship that arrived in Pantoloan, were distributed immediately. We have 1 main post, 15 regional posts, 21 unit posts, 54 kitchen posts, 1 medical post, 1 food truck post, 3 relief posts, 4 Integrated Community Shelter posts, and 1 ACT Humanity Store post,” he explained.

In the coming weeks, Kuncoro said, there will be the fourth Humanitarian Ship that will depart for Pantoloan Harbor. “The next Humanitarian Ship will depart from Belawan Port, Medan. The ship will carry approcimately 500 metric tons of aid packages,” Kuncoro stated.

Wilmar also sends basic needs

Earlier on the same day, on Monday (10/29) morning, another ship carrying aid packages also reached Pantoloan Harbor. Meratus Minahasa Ship came carrying nine containers of aid packages from PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia.

Erik Tjia, Wilmar’s Program and Technical Director explained that the basic needs that were donated through ACT are products of Wilmar.

The aid given by the Singaporean palm oil company consisted of 100 tons of rice, 34.4 tons of cooking oil and 47 tons of flour. “The rice that we provided is of premium quality, packaged in sacks that hold five kilograms of rice each. The flour is packaged in one kilogram package, and the oil in one liter package,” said Erik Tjia. []



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