This Eid, Gifts from Indonesian Benefactors Reached the Uyghur Diaspora in TUrkey

This Eid, the Uyghur Diaspora in Turkey received various Eid Gifts

ACTNews, KAYSERI, ISTANBUL – Muslims around the world have finally finished their month of fasting, and Eid-ul-Fitr was finally celebrated with joy and gratefulness to Allah. On the day of Eid-ul-Fitr 1440 AH, the benefactors from Indonesia celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr by sharing their wealth with other Muslims around the world.

Through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Eid Gifts were distributed to the Muslims that celebrated their Eid in difficult condition, among them were the Uyghur diasporas in Kayseri and Istanbul, Turkey.

“On Saturday (6/1) and Sunday (6/2), the Eid Gifts were given to 300 orphaned and poor Uyghur families in Kayseri, Turkey. On the same Saturday, 100 poor and impoverished Uyghur families in Istanbul also received the same gifts,” reported FIrdaus Guritno of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

These Eid Gifts were funded by the benefactors in Indonesia, including government institutions, universities, and the crowdfunding site

Apart from Eid Gifts, the Uyghurs in Turkey also received iftar packages. Additionally, to bring happiness to the Uyghur children, ACT also distributed Zakat-ul-Fitr on Thursday (5/30) during an iftar event.

The Uyghurs in Kayseri mostly live off humanitarian aid. Their status as immigrants made it difficult for them to get permanent jobs. Most of the Uyghurs in Turkey came from Xinjiang and Beijing who fled from the oppression committed by the Chinese government.

The distribution of the aid for the Uyghurs is an effort initiated by ACT to support them. The distribution of the Eid Gifts to the Muslims in the conflict-ridden countries is one of ACT’s main programs this Ramadan. This year, ACT has reached 21 countries, benefitting over 151,000 individuals around the world. []