This Eid, Kashmiri Children Receive Eid Gifts from Indonesia

204 Eid Gifts were given to uplift their spirit amid the conflict.

ACTNews, KASHMIR – The children gathered inside a building in Srinagar, Kashmir, on Sunday (6/2). Each of them carried a package wrapped in golden paper. These packages were Eid Gifts, an act of generosity from their Muslim brothers and sisters living across the seas in Indonesia.

These packages were not delivered for no reason. They aim to bring happiness to Kashmiri children during Eid-ul-Fitr. Poverty and ongoing conflicts are two of the main problems for the people in this region.

“As many as 204 Eid Gift Packages were distributed to the children from the poor families affected by the conflict in Kashmir. These Eid Gifts will hopefully be able to uplift their spirit regardless of the condition that they face,” explained Sucita Ramadinda of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Saturday (6/8).

In addition to the Eid Gifts, 606 food packages were also distributed to the poor Kasmiris in May. Ramadinda hoped that these food aid will bring them the same Eid happiness as felt by other Muslims around the world.

“Therefore, they can also feel the happiness when the month of Shawwal finally comes like their fellow Muslims. They can feel the same joy as we feel here Indonesia when celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr,” she added.

The conflict that began since 1947 has forced the local residents of Kashmir to live in difficulties. Al-Jazeera reported that the latest data from the government of Jammu and Kashmir in 2014-2015 showed that 21.6 percent of the people in Jammu and Kashmir live below poverty line. They can’t even afford winter gear to protect them from the cold.

The staggering poverty rate is the effect of the conflict that has been raging for decades. In February 2019, BBC Indonesia reported that a bomb exploded, followed by shootings that killed no less than 50 casualties. This attack was one of the deadliest that hit Kashmir in decades. []