This Ramadan, ACT Massively Increases the Aid for Palestine

This Ramadan, ACT Massively Increases the Aid for Palestine

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Two nights prior to Ramadan, Palestine grieved as Israel’s airstrikes intensified. Airstrikes hit at least 60 targeted areas on Saturday evening (5/4).

According to the latest data conveyed in the press conference, the airstrike killed 26 Palestinians and severely wounded 177 others. The attack also destroyed at least 700 building along the Gaza Strip. This incident heavily affected the Palestinians condition, specifically during the month of Ramadan.

To respond the crisis, Aksi Cepat Tanggap will massively increase the Ramadan aid for Palestine, as mentioned by Ahyudin, the President of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in South Jakarta, Tuesday (7/5). He stated that the Palestinians are not living confusedly but also in shackles of staple need crisis.

“Even without the attacks, the living condition of the country is staggering. Imagine, 86% of the people depend on other countries’ aid. So, we can imagine the dramatic living condition--they are really devastated by this attack,” stated Ahyudin.

Thus, up until the end of Ramadan, ACT targeted to distribute 10,000 tons of food for Palestine. The plan has already started, as ACT has delivered 1,000 tons of logistics since Monday (6/5).

Ibnu Khajar, Vice President of ACT, also stated similar notion towards the sorrow that Palestinians have to face on Ramadan. Ibnu Khajar heavily criticized Israel’s attacks on Palestine that was carried out in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Ibnu stated that he has already prepared to act in response to this tragedy.

“We have instructed to our volunteers and partners in Gaza to distribute the stock of food packages and other available aid. As the manifestation of our humanitarian spirit, ACT Water Tank and Public Kitchen for iftar and suhoor will be on standby to assist the Palestinians. Insha Allah, Indonesian Muslims through ACT will be always together with them,” said Ibnu Khajar.

In line with that statement, the Director of Global Humanity Response (GHR)-ACT, Bambang Triyono, stated that ACT will distribute food packages from IHC to more than 5,000 families during Ramadan. The food packages contain 500 portions of prepared meals for iftar and suhoor. In addition, there will be 1.6 million liters of clean water to be distributed throughout the Gaza Strip.

“These programs aim to resolve the food crisis, and it is a form of our response to the sorrow in the Holy Month faced by the Palestinians,” stated Bambang.

As part of the Ramadan program, ACT also organized roadshow of Palestinian Sheikhs. There are 25 Sheikhs who will visit Mosques in Indonesia with the ACT Team--to tell first-hand stories of Palestine’s condition.

“Please keep praying for Palestine, may Allah grant them protection and safety. Insha Allah, our foundation commits to deliver aid continuously to make sure they can pass through Ramadan and Eid solemnly. Muslims of Indonesia hope that all Muslims across the globe will continue to pay attention to our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” said Ibnu Khajar.[]