Thousands Hit by Flood in Yemen

Torrential rains have hit Yemen since March. In mid-April, massive flooding has affected up to 100,000 were affected. Around 21 were killed, and thousands of houses were damaged.

Thousands of houses in Yemen damaged by the flood (UNHCR).

ACTNews, ADEN, SANA’A – Reports indicated that over 100,000 people in Yemen have been affected by torrential rains and floods since mid-April. Health Authorities in the Aden Governorate, one of the hardest hit areas, have confirmed seven deaths, including four children. Two were missing, and deaths and injuries were reported elsewhere, Reliefweb reported on Sunday (26/4). The nationwide death toll reached at least 21, as reported by Middle East Eye, Saturday (4/25).

Besides Aden, a number of other governorates were also affected, such as Hajjah and Sana’a. The floods have also severely affected Yemeni IDPs. One of them was Hamoud Ayyash (50). The father of four children has been living in an "osha", a straw hut. In 2015, Ayyash and his family were driven out of their hometown in Hajjah. Now living in Abs District, his house was also affected by the flood.

“On Thursday, the floods came heavily and destroyed our osha instantly, I could do nothing but flee to another, safer osha,” Ayyash recalled.

In Sanaa, two people were reportedly washed away in al-Sabain district, while in Old Sanaa a house collapsed and other properties were damaged. Heavy rain and strong winds also hit Marib province on April 15. The disaster damaged part of the city of Marib and 16 sites for internally displaced people throughout the province, according to the Yemen’s Executive Unit for Refugees (ExU).

A source at the Ministry of Information told Middle East Eye that the Yemeni government is doing its best to help those affected by the flooding in all provinces. The Yemeni prime minister also called on neighboring countries and organizations to help people affected by the flood. []