Thousands of Liters of Clean Water to Alleviate Drought in Sragen

The drought has caused the water wells in Jenar Subdistrict, Sragen, to dry up.

Thousands of Liters  of Clean Water to Alleviate Drought in Sragen' photo

ACTNews. SRAGEN – The drought caused by the dry season has affected the area of Greater Solo, one of which is in Sragen Regency. Responding to that, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Solo distributed clean water aid in Geneng Sari Hamlet, Banyuurip Village, Jenar Subdistrict, Sragen, Thursday (8/22).

That day, 100,000 liters of clean water has been distributed in drought-affected villages. The distribution of clean water aid uses ACT Solo’s Humanity Water Tank that can carry up to 8,000 liters of water.

ACT Solo Branch Manager Septi Endrasmoro said that, through the Humanity Water Tank, ACT Solo has been optimally working to respond to the drought by providing aid to people affected by water crisis.

"ACT Solo is committed to sending millions of literss of clean water as an effort to ease the drought in Greater Solo. The clean water will continue to be distributed to drought-hit areas. In addition to Sragen Regency, the team also distributed clean water assistance to the Klaten, Wonogiri, and Boyolali ," said Septi.

According the locals, Genengsari Hamlet rarely gets clean water assistance, so that their need for clean water is not met. In addition, the dry season has caused their 15-meter-deep water wells to dry up.

"Sometimes there’s no water available for up to a week. The local residents are very grateful for the clean water aid," said Marsiti, a resident of Genengsari Hamlet.

She added that the clean water is mainly used for cooking and drinking. "For bathing and laundry, people choose to draw water from the river," added Marsiti. []