Thousands of Liters of Water Alleviates Drought in Semarang Regency

A number of villages in Semarang Regency have been hit by drought since August. This water crisis is caused by the dry season and the high altitude of the villages compared to the surrounding settlement areas.

semarang drought
Baitul Ma'mur Mosque in Wiru Village of Bringin District is one of ACT’s clean water distribution locations in Semarang Regency (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SEMARANG REGENCY – Aksi Cepat Tanggap and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia volunteers have so far distributed 48 thousand liters of clean water to residents affected by drought at a number of points in Semarang Regency. These areas include Wiru and Gogodalem Villages in Bringin District, Polobogo Village of Getasan District, and Sukorejo and Kedungringin Villages in Suruh District.

The water crisis that affects these villages has begun in August. Two of the contributing factors are the dry season and the higher altitude of the villages compared to the surrounding settlement areas.

"The water scarcity begins to be felt by the local residents. The water in wells and rivers has started to decrease," explained the Head of MRI Semarang Regency Elvan Ardi, Wednesday (9/15/2021).

Residents are now struggling to find alternative water sources. Sadly, the nearby rivers have been drying out, and the water becomes cloudy and unfit for consumption. They must travel a long distance for clean water, a journey that takes time and costs.

"They have to travel a long distance to get clean water which is quite costly. If they don’t have the money to seek water sources, they can only wait for clean water distribution," added Elvan.

Water from the Humanity Water Tank stored in one of the wells. (ACTNews).

Meanwhile, Kadus, a resident of Sukorejo Village, said that they really need water for consumption because the water from the nearby spring is often too cloudy to drink.

Another resident, Tuminem (58) said that she has to spend extra money on potable water because the water that she buys often runs out very quickly.

In Polobogo Village, the residents have tried digging water wells at three separate locations with a depth of 13 meters. Sadly, their efforts came to no fruition because the wells remain dry. "This dry season makes water scarce," said Tuminem.[]