Thousands of Meal Packages Distributed for Lebak Flood Victims

Eight thousand meal packages have been distributed from Saturday (2/15) for the next 8 days. This meal packages are distributed for poverty-stricken residents and flood victims in several areas in Lebak.

A flood victim in Sajira Mekar Village, Sajira Subdistrict, Lebak Regency, who received a meal package from the Humanity Food Truck. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, LEBAK – For the residents of Seupang Hamlet, Pejangan Village, Sajira Subdistrict, rain still poses a major problem. They have been staying in evacuation sites for a month because they are still too afraid to return home due to fear for subsequent flood and landslides.

To help providing food for the evacuees, the Humanity Food Truck has been giving nutritious meal packages since Saturday (2/15).

"Humanity Food Truck will serve several flood-affected areas in Lebak for the next 8 days. Every day, we distribute 1,000 servings of meal to fulfill the needs of the evacuees," said Ryan Andriana Rachman, Coordinator of the Humanity Food Truck.

The meal distribution for Lebak residents is a collaboration between Global Zakat - ACT and Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company. The meal packages are cooked near Sajira Square and then distributed using 4WD cars.

Children receiving meal packages distributed in a village in Lebak. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

"We deliver the meal packages directly to the evacuees and the poverty-stricken residents around the distribution location. The evacuees now only depend on the aid from the benefactors," explained Ryan.

Luki, one of the children who evacuated from Seupang Village, said that the meal packages from the Humanity Food Truck were delicious. It was delicious. There was chicken, noodles, and chili sauce. There are chicken nuggets too," he said.

This meal distribution was not the first collaboration between ACT and Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd. In early February, previous collaboration took place in the form of food package distribution for hundreds of families in Alor.

In addition, Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd also collaborated with ACT in distributing four thousand servings of meal packages in Bogor Regency at the end of January 2020 for poor residents and disaster victims. []