Thousands of Meal Packages Served Every Day for North Luwu Residents

At the moment there are four public kitchens in North Luwu that cook food for the disaster-hit residents. In addition, in the next few days, the Humanity Food Truck will arrive. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s humanitarian actions in North Luwu are inseparable from the support of people who care about North Luwu.

Thousands of Meal Packages Served Every Day for North Luwu Residents' photo
Residents around the ACT Public Kitchen in North Luwu who were involved in producing prepared meal packages. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH LUWU - More than two weeks after the flash flood that hit North Luwu Regency, the grief lingers still. The flood that carried mud and debris not only drowned houses and properties but also claimed several lives. Ahead of EId Al-Adha, they still need humanitarian assistance to continue to survive.

A basic necessity that needs to be fulfilled is food. The flood has destroyed their kitchens and washed away their cooking utensils. For these reasons, prepared meal packages are direly needed by the disaster survivors. Responding to this, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) established humanitarian posts and public kitchens. As of Wednesday (7/29), 3 humanitarian posts and 3 public kitchens have been established.

Andi Syurganda Haruna from the ACT South Sulawesi Program Team said, the public kitchen that ACT had set up for Luwu Flood victims can serve up to thousands of meal packages every day. The four public kitchens were scattered across several points near the location that was badly affected by the flash flood. "There are four ACT public kitchens in Sabbang Subdistrict and three others are located in Masamba," he explained.

The kitchens are manned not only by Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) volunteers, but also the local residents who participate voluntarily in preparing the meal packages.

Kasrim, the Head of Malimbu Village, Sabbang, supported the humanitarian actions organized by ACT and MRI. According to him, these humanitarian activities assist the residents who are living in sorrow after the flash flood hit. Until now, the residents are still deeply saddened after the flood that destroyed their houses.

The flash flood that hit parts of North Luwu Regency on Monday (7/13) night was caused by the overflowing of three rivers simultaneously due to intense rainfall. The three rivers are the Rongkong River in Sabbang, the Meli River in Radda, and the Masamba River in Masamba.

Based on data obtained by Jurnalnews, Wednesday (7/22), the flood claimed 38 lives. Additionally, 11 went missing and 106 were seriously injured. The flash flood drowned thousands of houses in water and mud. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate.

In addition to the public kitchens, to fulfill the disaster survivors’ need for food, ACT also sent one of its Humanity Food Trucks. At the moment, the mobile kitchen that is capable of serving a maximum of 1,500 servings in one go is still on its way from Tanjung Priok in Jakarta to Makassar. In a few days, Humanity Food Truck will arrive in North Luwu after traveling overland from Makassar.

Humanity Food Truck Coordinator Ryan Andriana said, the departure of the mobile kitchen was supported by the generosity of the community channeled through ACT. The truck was also dispatched with a team of chefs from Jakarta to produce the best meals for the flood survivors. "At the moment, food is indeed one of the main needs of the disasters survivors. However, there are still many other needs that must be met because it is our duty to ease the suffering caused by the disaster,” said Ryan, Wednesday (7/29). []