Thousands of Qurbani Meat Packages Distributed in Sumedang

In the midst of activity restrictions, Global Qurban-ACT handed out thousands of qurbani meat packages to the residents of Sumedang. This meat distribution is a tangible manifestation of the generosity of the donors who share with people in various parts of the country.

qurbani meat
Volunteers cut up qurbani meat in Jatinangor. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUMEDANG – On the second day of tashreeq, Thursday (7/22/2021), Global Qurban-ACT continued to expand the distribution of qurbani meat. One of the distribution locations is the Greater Bandung area which includes the City and Regency of Bandung and Sumedang. A total of 1,300 packages of qurbani meat were distributed to underprivileged residents and those currently in self-isolation.

One of the distribution points of Global Qurban-ACT's sacrificial meat in Greater Bandung is in Jatinangor District, Sumedang Regency. Several Indonesian higher education institutions are located in this district. Due to the activity restrictions, this area has been deserted by college students who have gone to their respective houses. The economy of the locals, who depended on the hustle and bustle of campus life, has been severely impacted.

In collaboration with Imah Dakwah, Global Qurban-ACT distributed qurbani meat to residents in Jatinangor. One of the distribution points is in Sayang Village, where the locals were delighted by the sacrifice of three qurbani cows.

“Thank you to Global Qurban-ACT Bandung for sending the cows to the residents of Jatinangor. This meat is very helpful for the residents, especially during the activity restrictions. May Allah bless us all,” said Dodo, the village head of Sayang.

The local economy of Jatinangor has been severely affected by the pandemic. The area that was previously filled with the activities of the college students has been empty. Consequently, the livelihood of the locals has also been hampered.

"With the qurbani meat distribution, we hope to share happiness in the midst of the pandemic. It is a tangible manifestation of the generosity of the qurbani donors who want to share happiness with the residents of various parts of the country through Global Qurban-ACT," said Trisna Adi Permana, Global Qurban-ACT Bandung Branch Manager.[]