Three Benefits of Professional Zakat for Life

Zakat on halal income or Professional Zakat must be paid in Indonesia when it reaches the nisab. Professional Zakat provides various benefits for life.

Professional zakat
Illustration. Professional zakat from Generous Friend can feed the poor on the outer Islands. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – In Indonesia, professional zakat, one type of zakat ul-mal, must be paid if it reaches the nisab. Professional zakat has various benefits for socio-economic life. What are the benefits?

  1. Purifying Wealth

The benefit of zakat ul-mal, including professional zakat, is to purify your wealth. Islamic teachings state that in every wealth given there are the rights of the needy.

As Allah says in the Quran Surah Adh-dhariyat verse 19, “And from their properties was [given] the right of the [needy] petitioner and the deprived.”

  1. Delivering Social Justice

Zakat is a pillar of Islam that has a direct social dimension. Zakat emphasizes that humans may have wealth but must pay zakat to the poor and other asnaf (beneficiaries). It shows that zakat is the basis of social justice.

Zakat in Indonesia is also one of the instruments to realize the third principle of Pancasila (foundational philosophical theory of Indonesia), namely social justice for all Indonesian people. Unfortunately, social welfare in Indonesia is still not evenly distributed. Zakat exists to solve this problem.

  1. Making Financial Management Better

By paying regular professional zakat every month, muzakki (donor) will make financial details. By making this list, muzakki will get used to managing finances well.

People pay professional zakat if the income has reached the nisab, worth 85 grams of gold, and the zakat rate is 2.5 percent. This provision makes it easier for muzakki to estimate financial management.[]