Through ACT, China Life Insurance Helps Central Sulawesi Disaster Victims

Through ACT, China Life Insurance Helps Central Sulawesi Disaster Victims

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The difficult conditions faced by the victims of earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction in Central Sulawesi have inspired many to help, including corporations. One of the corporations that are inspired to help is China Life Insurance Indonesia. On Wednesday (10/24), President of China Life Insurance Indonesia Ken Lam along with Director Liz Zhang and Director Suchandra visited Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) headquarter in Menara 165, Jakarta. They symbolically handed over cash donation for the disaster-affected people of Palu, Sigi and Donggala.

“We help because we are feeling the suffering of our disaster-hit brothers and sisters. As fellow Indonesians, I think it is obligatory for us to pray for and help each other. China Life Insurance is willing to participate in alleviating the suffering of our disaster-hit brothers and sisters,” said Suchandra.

The aid from China Life Insurance has reached the earthquake and tsunami survivors in Udemaju Hamlet, Buluri Village, Palu. The locals were extremely glad and grateful for the food packages containing rice, sugar, and other staple food items that they received.

“It takes massive humanitarian collaborations to help Central Sulawesi during the emergency response phase. Alhamdulillah, China Life Insurance chooses to collaborate with ACT in helping earthquake and tsunami victims in Palu, Sigi and Donggala. This shows the immense empathy and care from the people of Indonesia for the suffering of the people in Palu and its nearby areas,” said Rifqi Riyanto of ACT Partnership team.

Riyanto added that the impact of the disasters in Central Sulawesi was quite massive. The capital of Central Sulawesi was paralyzed, and crises have befallen the region for a week. Not only killed and injured thousands, the earthquake and tsunami have also destroyed the infrastructure, making food, clean water and other basic necessities scarce. The crises also affected other areas around Palu such as Parigi Moutong and Sigi.

Hence, the aid will not stop here. During the post-disaster recovery, China Life Insurance Indonesia is determined to build makeshift schools for the students in Palu. Not only providing schools, China Life Insurance will also provide school supplies and foster parents program for the students. []



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