Through Alms, Indonesia Contributes to Betterment of Palestinian Families' Living Conditions

It is hoped that the financial assistance provided by Indonesian benefactors to impoverished families in Palestine will be able to raise the beneficiary families' standard of living.

impoverished families in Gaza
Indonesian benefactors provide financial assistance to impoverished families in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The Indonesian people can channel their generosity directly to impoverished families in Palestine through Sister Family Palestine Indonesia program. ACT Team will use benefactors' alms to meet daily needs and improve the living conditions of Palestinian families.

The action, which took place in mid-January 2022, benefited approximately 12 families with a total of 60 family members. They are impoverished families from various areas of Gaza, including Almughraqa, Khan Younis, the Central Area, and North Gaza.

"This program helps to alleviate the burden on families and allows them to meet some of their most basic needs," said Said Mukaffiy of ACT's Global Humanity Response team on Tuesday (2/1/2022).

Furthermore, Mukaffiy expects the beneficiaries can survive without having to take their children out of school to work.

According to Mukaffiy, there are concerns that the poor economic situation of the majority of Gazan families will force school-age children to work to assist their parents in purchasing various basic daily needs.

"In addition, by uniting community members as one family, this program will improve psychological well-being, promote solidarity, strengthen brotherhood, and spread grace," said Mukaffiy.

The blockade, which has lasted a dozen years, has hampered Gazans' access to various basic services and destroyed economic sectors. It causes nearly half of the workforce to be unemployed, and 80 percent of the population is heavily reliant on humanitarian aid from the international community. []