Throughout 2021, Generous Alms for Palestine Manifested in Hundreds of Actions

ACT has conveyed generous alms for Palestine into hundreds of humanitarian actions. In addition to water and food distribution, this year, ACT also added Indonesian Clinics, various humanitarian vehicles, build two mega waqf projects for the long-term welfare of the Palestinian people.

humanitarian vehicles
ACT carries out hundreds of humanitarian actions in Palestine throughout 2021. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PALESTINA – Throughout 2021, alms for Palestine from benefactors have been manifested in hundreds of humanitarian actions. There are more than half a million Palestinians who are beneficiaries, both in Gaza and in Jerusalem.

The largest humanitarian aid is in the clean water sector. In total, 34 Waqf Wells have been built in Gaza. Each well is capable of producing 1.7 million liters of water per month. Water from Waqf Wells is also distributed directly to Palestinian houses using Humanity Water Tanks.

"We provide a lot of clean water assistance because the water crisis is very severe in Palestine. The majority of groundwater there is polluted water with an acidic taste. If there is no clean water assistance, almost every day they use dirty water to meet their daily needs," said Said Mukaffiy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team, Monday (9/6/2021).

Mukaffiy said ACT often gave food packages and ready-to-eat meals. Hundreds of tons of food packages have been distributed through the Indonesia Humanitarian Center in Gaza. Meanwhile, for ready-to-eat meals, ACT distributes them through general kitchens and the Humanity Food Truck.

Said explained that ACT allocated alms from benefactors to add humanitarian vehicles, including 11 pre-hospital ambulances, three Humanity Food Trucks, and four Humanity Water Tanks.

“We also provide school bus. This bus will help students in Gaza go to and return to school," said Mukaffiy. He said in the education sector, ACT has provided tuition assistance for many students in Gaza.

ACT provides school buses to pick up students in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACT has increased the number of Indonesian Clinics in Palestine. There are six Indonesian clinics, of which five operate in each governorate in Gaza, and one is near the golden dome of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. Each clinic can provide free medical services and medicines to 1,000 patients every month.

"We provided these clinics after the massive Israeli attack on Palestine that left thousands injured last May," added Mukaffiy.

ACT always tries to provide for the needs of the Palestinians. In winter, ACT distributed blankets and warm clothes. In Ramadan, ACT through a team in Palestine provided suhoor and iftar dishes. Before Eid ul-Fitr, ACT gave Zakat ul-Fitr and Eid gifts. From January 1 to September 6, 2021, ACT carried out 279 actions in Palestine.

Mukaffiy adds that ACT is currently building two mega waqf projects for the long-term welfare of Palestinians. They are Lumbung Air Wakaf and Palestinian Waqf Houses. Lumbung Air Wakaf will supply the drinking water needs of Gazans by producing at least a thousand bottles of water every day. The waqf house will accommodate poor Palestinians or those whose houses were destroyed in Israeli attacks.

The process of building a Palestinian Waqf House. (ACTNews)

“The Palestinian House Waqf is in Jorn Al Nazalowa, Jabalia, North Gaza. The Waqf House consists of several buildings. Each building has an area of ​​317 square meters. Each building has at least 20 flat units. Each unit consists of one master bedroom, one children's room, one family room, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining room," concluded Mukaffiy.[]