Timbang Hayu Residents Hope for a Renovation of the Village Mosque

The nearest mosque in Timbang Hayu Village, Karangpawitan, Garut is in dire condition. This community worship center can only accommodate five worshipers due to its small size of 2-by-1-meters.

Timbang Hayu Village
Timbang Hayu Village residents worship at a mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT – Worship facilities are insufficient for residents in Timbang Hayu Village, Karangpawitan District, Garut Regency. Most residents work as farm laborers and brick makers. The nearest prayer room to the village is in disrepair. In addition to the lack of space, the building's condition is deteriorating.

Rizky Nugraha of the ACT Garut team explained that the mosque has rarely been renovated since its establishment in 2007. The space is limited because the congregation was small when it was built.

"There have been more congregations over time, but the mosque building has not changed much due to low renovation costs," Rizky explained on Monday (5/16/2022).

The prayer room's walls are bamboo woven walls, and the roof is made of tiles. Rainwater frequently enters the building when the weather is worst. Residents cannot renovate the mosque due to no budget and the economically disadvantaged. 

In the prayer room, the congregations pray. (ACTNews)

"Timbang Hayu Village residents want the prayer room renovated and expanded. Hence, it will become more comfortable and can accommodate larger congregations. They also want children to use the prayer room to recite the Quran. Because the mosque is quite far from the village, this prayer room is the nearest place of worship," Rizky added

Recognizing residents' expectations, ACT Garut is currently attempting to assist residents in renovating the prayer room. The team raises funds, and anyone can participate in this event.[]